Vucic knows when young people will stop leaving Serbia, and now he said that wages and pensions will grow as well

He said that the minimum wage in Serbia in 2011 was only 161 euros, while now it is 228 euros

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic said that the great problem in Belgrade is that the birthrate is low and the city survives due to those who migrate from the interior of the country, and we should deal with the special info that fewer people from Belgrade make a decision to have a child.

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Vucic said that the colleague from Lithuania told him that the young people will start returning to Serbia.

- That will happen when the wages grow to 1.000 euros, but we are now far from it - he admitted.

As he added, he expects that the average wage in December will be 455 euros and in March around 460 or 465 euros.

Vucic said that this year was one of the most successful ones and he reminded that seven years ago, during the previous government, the wage was 331 euros, while it is 423 starting of this October.

As he said, it should be 445 euros in December, which is around 30 or 31 percent higher than seven years ago.

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- We expect wages in March to be around 460 or 465 euros, due to the increase of minimum wage for 8.6 percent, which is the increase of 35 or 36 percent. Is that enough, of course, it isn't. I hoped that it will be 500 euros, but despite the measures of fiscal consolidation we have an increase that will be only 35 euros less than that - said Vucic.

He said that the minimum wage in Serbia in 2011 was only 161 euros, while now it is 228 euros

- That's a big difference, but the minimum should be even higher and we will go to 250 euros next year, and later on 300 euros - said the president of Serbia.

He thanked the unions for support and added that President of Association of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia Ljubisav Orbovic understood the intention of the state.

Vucic said that pensions were also increased and that now the average monthly income is 227 euros and that it must continue to rise, as the economy progressed.

He said that he was therefore grateful to the Chinese and the French for the buying of Copper Mine Majdanpek and the airport "Nikola Tesla", as well as other investors who invested in Serbia.


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