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The girlfriend of the boy murdered in Belgrade already buried one boyfriend: Just 2 years ago, he was brutally murdered in the club in Cacak


Katarina took the loss of her first murdered boyfriend very hard

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The girlfriend of Milos Mileusnic, Katarina, has been through hell already, and she is in it again. Two years ago, in a conflict which happened in Cacak, the boy she was dating was murdered

Milos (24) was bleeding and he encouraged himself to make it to the hospital: The young man was making plans for the future, and then Djurovic appeared with a knife

One of Milos' friends said that everybody is worried about his girlfriend.

- We are all shaken. We are trying to be with Milos' family in these terrible moments. Also, we are trying to be the support for Milos' girlfriend, Kaca, a girl from Cacak who is a student of the Faculty of Traffic, and she is in a very, very bad physical state - said Milos' friend.

Katarina took the loss of her first murdered boyfriend very hard.

Foto: Facebook

- When she recovered from the tragedy, she met Milos and they started dating. He was a great support for her. We were all worried and we are afraid for her health, she is completely destroyed - he said, writes Kurir.

Milos Mileusnic was murdered on January 27.

Foto: Nedjeljko Đurović/Facebook

Nedeljko Djurovic from Pozarevac was arrested and he admitted killing Milos Mileusnic on Zvezdara in BelgradeIn the first testimony to the police, he said that he has spent the entire day and night on Facebook and Twitter, he realized how unhappy he was, and he decided to kill someone! 

However, in front of the prosecution, he denied having any connections to the murder of the student.

He will be detained for 30 days.

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