Fathers of the brutally murdered young men, David and Dzenan, protested in Sarajevo: They asked for justice for their children and they said they won't give up (VIDEO)

The murderer from Ruzveltova street in Belgrade has died

"LONG 9mm" - Everything about the gun used to cowardly murder Oliver Ivanovic in the back: Used by criminals and sought after in America (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I won't set foot there any longer, we are done with the city of fear, darkness, and pain: Milena Ivanovic said that she is not returning to Kosovo (VIDEO)

Death in the bastion of the Balkan mafia, Mitrovica is a black hole: How the Germans are writing about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic (PHOTO)

President Vucic on Ivanovic's Murder: This is a TERRORIST ACT, we demand that the Serbian authorities take part in the investigation, we will find killers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Monstrous murderers from Nis: They cut the girls' breasts with a knife, they chopped piece by piece while they were still alive, they butchered them with over 30 stabs

More than 93,000 signatures for lifelong imprisonment for killers of children and pregnant women: Proposal enters parliamentary procedure (PHOTO)

Albanian stabbed a Serb with a knife in the chest because of three Serb girls, and then escaped to Kosovo?! New details of the murder of Perica Gavrilovic (PHOTO)

THESE ARE THE WORDS OF THE MONSTER WHILE THEY WERE HOLDING HIM ON THE GROUND: Policemen discovered what was the murderer saying while they tried to revive his son (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Village in Serbia wrapped in darkness: In the same place where the killer murdered Andjelina (3) and Dragana (47), two dead hunters were found yesterday!

GREATEST MONSTERS OF SERBIA: These murderers serve maximum sentence for their cruel and sick crimes (PHOTO)

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