A car in which a woman died was destroyed: It was wrecked open from the back, you can't even see the license plates (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

The firefighters had to cut open what was left from the car in order to reach the misfortunate woman

A car of the government of Serbia participated in a chain crash on the tool booth Doljevac, and the director of Koridor was in it, Zoran Babic. A woman S.G. (52) from the village Debelica near Knjazevac lost her life.

A terrible crash at the toll booth near Nis: Serbian politician suffered serious injuries, a woman from "Opel" died

Foto: Telegraf

The terrible aftermath of the crash on the highway could be seen in the footage, and the most dramatic scene is when the firefighters try to reach the body of the woman.

As Telegraf found out from the scene, the car was so smashed that it was unrecognizable from the force of the impact, you can't even see the license plates. It was smashed from the back.

Foto: Telegraf

According to the doctors, the woman had very slim chances of survival, when we take into consideration the force of the impact and the looks of the car.

The car in which the woman died is unrecognizable.

The firefighters were cutting the wreck of the car to reach the body of the victim:


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