The police identified the people who brought gallows during the protest "1 of 5 million" in Belgrade

According to the investigation, those are the members of the party "Dveri"

The police identified two of the people who carried gallows during the protest "1 of 5 million" in Belgrade.

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Those are the members of Dveri. It was speculated on the social networks who were the people who carried gallows, but according to the investigation, it turned out it wasn't true.

Foto: MUP Srbije

Photos of the protest in Belgrade appeared on social networks.

Foto: MUP Srbije

Because of the gallows, death threats to the son of the president of Serbia, and the action in front of the public service where certain individuals with masks placed posters on RTS building, many convictions arrived on social networks and media.


The Finance minister Sinisa Mali has condemned the gallows in the protest in Belgrade, saying that it was done by those who want to hang others, who think differently from them".

Reminding that it was the first time that Gallows appeared in Terazije after 78 years, Mali said for RTS that it is not a good example nor a good nor the thing that Serbia needs at this moment.

- When you look at the results of these years, when you see that we are on the stable and strong path of economic recovery, these are the things that don't contribute to that economic recovery. We are fighting for every new workplace, to keep our young people here and that is the politics and we will not give up from it - Mali said.


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