Family Neskovic crushed over the death of the twin (2) whose live was swept away by a virus: They barely conceived them, and now the sister has the flue (PHOTO)

They got the twins after a long treatment due to sterility

In the family house of Neskovic, in Cacak, mother Radica and Father Rade are crushed with pain, they have been receiving condolences for two days from relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors for the death of the two and a half-year-old son L.N. 

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The boy died at the Pediatric Department of the Cacak General Hospital on Saturday morning, at 5:40, and he was admitted to the hospital the night before with the symptoms of respiratory infections. Despite all the efforts of the pediatrician, as well as an anesthetist, there was no salvation for the boy.

Twin sister of the late boy, I.N., who also has mild symptoms of the virus, was examined on Sunday in Cacak hospital. Director Dr. Rade Milosevic said that the exam was performed with precautions, and after the doctor analysis, the girl was discharged and sent to home treatment. 

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The friends of Neskovic family told "Novosti" that they had a hard time conceiving the twins, and they could do it after several years of treatment for sterility and in vitro fertilization. 

- The twins were prematurely born. The boy was in good condition at birth, while the girl had to have surgeries later on. After that, the children were healthy and cheerful, besides the boy having occasional bronchitis - said one of the cousins of Radica and Rade Neskovic.

It was like that this time. The boy was coughing and he had a high fever. The mother took him to the pediatrician, where they were told it was just a common virus. Inhalation therapy was prescribed and therapy for high fever.

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- No one imagined that something like this could have happened. Mother noticed that the boy's fingers and lips turned blue on Friday evening, she took him to the Cacak hospital immediately - added the relative.

Upon arriving at Cacak hospital, they gave the boy the therapy for respiratory infection. The child showed improvemend, and the conditions became worse on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the boy passed away with all of the effords of the doctors.

A clinical autopsy was immediately ordered, which should be completed by today when it will be known whether the boy was infected with the AH1N1 influenza virus.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

It is still unknown when the boy will be buried.


Dr. Rade Milosevic, director of the hospital, announced yesterday that an emergency meeting was held for hospital infections attended by all the heads of the department, the main nurse and an epidemiologist.

It was concluded that all measures were taken in relation to a potential influenza epidemic, but, as he pointed out, at this moment there is no reason to panic. He reiterated that only after the autopsy will it be known whether the flu virus is the cause of the death of the boy.

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