Zeljko left his wife and four children over waitress Violeta, and then he shot twice in her head: Bloody crime in Vienna (PHOTO)

According to the Austrian media, she is the eight female victim of a crime of passion from the start of the year

Waiter Violeta J., who comes from Serbia, is in a coma after her ex-boyfriend, Bosnian Zeljko B., shot her in the middle of the street in Vienna, and then he took his own life.

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According to the Austrian media, she is the eight female victim of a crime of passion from the start of the year.

Although it was first reported that Violeta has died, that information was soon corrected and it was said that she is in a coma.

According to the Vienna media, the 52-year-old Zeljko came to "Cafe Rebecca", in the Vienna district Meidling, where his ex-girlfriend used to work, and he ordered a drink.

The newspaper "Hoite" said that witnesses claimed he "he looked peaceful this time". He had a drink in the bar where she worked and he didn't make problems. However. When her shift ended at nine in the evening, Violeta wanted to drop by a nearby bar to have a drink and the ex-boyfriend followed her.

Foto: Facebook

Twenty minutes later, Zeljko reached for the gun and he shot 48-year-old Violeta in the head.

She fell down to the ground, blood dripping from her and after that Zeljko fired a shot to his head.

The eyewitnesses called for an ambulance, which drove the severely injured woman to the Clinical Center, where she had an urgent operation. Violeta is currently in a coma, and she may never wake up from it.

Zeljko died on the spot.

- According to the first information, it is a crime of passion. The suspect had a small gun on his person - stated the police officer.

From the sources close to the couple we found out that Zeljko B. left his wife and four young children for Violeta J., who has left him for another man.

- She was in a new relationship and she was very happy. He couldn't deal with that - said the manager of the cafe, Slavica S (55).

As she said, Slavica was a good woman.

Foto: Facebook

- Violeta was like a sister to me. She was a very good woman, but she didn't have luck with men - she added.

Slavica said that the Bosnian threatened that he will kill Violeta several months before, and then that he will kill himself, but no one in the bar took him seriously.

- He often threatened Violeta and he used to beat her, but no one believed that he was prepared to do something that terrible - said Slavica S.

There are only two roses now in the bar where Violeta used to work, her favorite flowers.


- At first, I heard three shots and 20 minutes later there were 20 police officers - said a woman for oe24.at.

According to her, the police quickly blocked this area and placed barricades, while the people who were accidentally passing by stopped and they tried to find out what has happened.


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