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The driver of the bus explained how the crash happened in which the journalist Dea Djurdjevic was injured


He described in detail the accident that happened this morning on Dedinje

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The but which severely injured the journalist Dea Djurdjevic skidded at first, and the driver completely lost control over the wheel. It is a bus on line 78, and according to the statement of the driver, he encountered icy road, due to the water pipe which broke, and the water on the asphalt froze.

Famous Serbian journalist injured in an accident: Dea Djurdjevic in Military Medical Academy, a bus tore off her arm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

- As the driver said, he tried to go around two cars which stopped because there was contact between them. However, the bus then hit the car which was parked on the sidewalk, he bounced off of it and that is how the accident occurred. In those moments the driver can't handle the vehicle. I am sorry that it has happened - said Drago Tosic for "Telegraf", the Director of Consortium of private transport companies.

The driver of the bus is 42 and so far he never had any problems, said Tosic, and the vehicle that he was driving was functional.

Pritnskrin: TV Pink

- As he said, he was driving slow, and he said that the water was going down the street due to the broken water pipe - Tosic explained.

There was another crash after this one when another bus crashed on these vehicles.

To recall, the journalist of the TV Pink Dea Djurdjevic was severely injured in a crash which happened this morning at the hospital "Dr. Dragisa Misovic". 

The crash occurred when Dea had light contact with another car. At the moment when she was leaving the vehicle to talk with another driver a but came and hit her, tearing off her arm. 

Dea was transported urgently to the Military Medical Academy, and the doctors put the arm "on ice" and they are trying to do everything to save it.

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