Serbian Army is ready and is carefully observing developments in Kosovo: Chief of Staff assessed: Situation stable but unpredictable

The responsibility of KFOR members is to ensure a stable state of affairs throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. We are interested in our citizens not only in the north of Kosmet but also in the south, throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija - said Milan Mojsilovic

Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Lieutenant Colonel Milan Mojsilovic, told the RTS about the heightened presence of the police in the north of Kosovo and Metohija that the security situation is stable but unpredictable.

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While he was a guest at Radio Television of Serbia News, Mojsilovic said that the situation is very complex and full of tension.

- The responsibility of the members of KFOR is to ensure a stable situation throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. We are interested in our citizens not only in the north of Kosmet but also in the south, throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija - he said.

According to him, there is constant communication with KFOR, as well as the constant exchange of information.

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

- The president of Serbia is committed to a peaceful solution of the Kosovo-Metohija issue, so military involvement in solving this issue is not currently considered, but as a soldier, I can not exclude this possibility - said Mojsilovic.

The General pointed out that he can not say that the state of the army is regular, because we have an engaged army on tasks along the entire administrative line.

When it comes to the readiness of the army, Mojsilovic says that these are the brighter topics.

- The Serbian Army is, figuratively speaking, much stronger than before, and it will be stronger even stronger than we are now. We have 14 "MIGs", 10 of them are in the Republic of Serbia, and 4 of them are being repaired in Belarus - explained Mojsilovic.

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He adds that Serbia has almost the same number of aircraft as the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.


- We are waiting for the day and when the helicopters will arrive. We are dealing with the number of aircraft, but this reflects on the overall capability of our army. The number of hours of flight, the interception in the air has increased, which gives us security - said the general.

Speaking about the parade to be held on March 24, marking the two decades since the NATO aggression against Serbia, Mojsilovic said that they would give a contribution on the date of the start of the bombing in their own way.

He announced that they will fly with "MiGs" and they will be presented to the citizens of Serbia, next to the military, police, and motorized echelons.

Foto: Vojska Srbije

- Of course, we won't show everything that we have, but we will show our capabilities, to show that the military is ready and motivated to fulfill all tasks - said Mojsilovic.

He says that the Serbian Army is ready to respond to any crisis in the region.

Regarding the material position of the soldiers, Mojsilovic is encouraged by the fact that the entire state leadership is thinking about all members of the security.

- We had an inherited state, these are things that burden the status and standard. We had salary increases, and this shows that the state stands behind the army - concluded General Mojsilovic.

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