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A 5 kg baby was born in Belgrade: Little Mila is a real champion (PHOTO)


Mila's mother feels good, the first day after the childbirth is passing with no problems

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The biggest baby was born in February in North Macedonia, a boy weighing 5.700g, and now Belgrade has received its champion. The girl Mila came onto this world on March 11th, in the maternity hospital Zvezdara. She is special because she was born with 5.250 grams! 

A record-breaking baby was born: Twice as heavy as the others, 5 kilos and 600 grams

Doctor Ivan Bojovic said that the babies heavier than 4 kg are rare and that only three babies had more than 5.000 grams out of 2.200 childbirths in the maternity hospital Zvezdara last year.

Mila's mother feels good, the first day after the childbirth is passing with no problems. She had a well-controlled good pregnancy and regulated blood sugar, which is important because the big babies mostly come from pregnancies where the sugar of the woman is not regulated. 

Foto: Printskrin RTS

- Nine babies were born in the last 24 hours in the hospital on Zvezdara, four boys and five girls. All babies are well - said the gynecologist Bojovic.

The entire department will be renovated soon so they will work with full capacity in better conditions for the patients and the staff.


The largest baby on the clinic in Skopje was born in North Macedonia. A healthy boy was born near the end of last month.

Foto: Facebook/ ЈЗУ Универзитетска Клиника за Гинекологија и Акушерство - Скопје

They said on the clinic that this is a special case since the average weight of the babies on childbirth is between 3.000 and 4.000 grams.

One of the users of social networks asked if it was normal to deliver such a big baby the natural way.

- There are no reasons not to do this spontaneously if the pelvis fits the measures of the baby - they answered from the clinic from Skopje.

VIDEO: This baby is very small, but it likes pizza so much that it will grow big very soon 

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