A body of a soldier was found in the river: He left the camp during the night, he had a wife and two small children

The investigation is ongoing

Professional soldier I.M. (38) from Krusevac, serving at the 246th battalion of CBRN defense, who left the camping room during the night rest, was found this morning without any signs of life, at 5:50 in the river Bistrica, village Dvorane.

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The soldier I.M. was performing the duty of the driver of the motor vehicle within the planned activity of logistic security of the day-night conditional march of his unit.

The senior public prosecutor from Krusevac, members of the Military police and the Ministry of Internal affairs are on the spot and they are performing the investigation.

The Commander of the Land Army formed a commission to investigate the cause of this event, which was immediately sent to the scene.

The soldier I.M. has been in the Army of Serbia since October 1, 2003. He was married and a father of two children. 


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