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Haradinaj wants to permanently remove representatives of Serbs from Kosovo: Vesna Mikic revealed in an open letter why she was actually dismissed (PHOTO)

Mikic showed with this letter the real reasons why was she fired and she said that the reason is not her text about NATO aggression, as they said earlier from Pristina

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Vesna Mikic, who was dismissed as Deputy Minister of Justice in so-called Kosovo government, sent an open letter to Ramush Haradinaj and representatives of the international community in Kosovo.

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Mikic showed the true reasons why she was dismissed.

She said that it is not true that she was dismissed due to her writing about NATO, but because Haradinaj's intention was to remove all legitimately chosen representatives of Serbia who think with their own head.

- This action reflects your open tendency to be surrounded by similar Serbs who will, for personal reasons, feel all the insults and lies that you present on my daily basis at the expense of my people, who will speak only what you allow. Therefore, the truth is, as you say, exactly what suits you and what you want to hear - Mikic says in a letter.

She then addressed representatives of the international community in Kosovo.

- It's high time to seriously wonder if your looking away before injustice that my people is enduring on Kosovo and Metohija for the past 20 years, in the intention to create a mono-ethnic state in the heart of modern Europe with the tendency to spread its aspirations to the neighboring countries, and the support of this and similar decisions are, to say the least, inhumane, anti-civilizational, and anti-democratic, is your primary goal and reason to be present in this territory - stated in the message.

To recall, the prime minister of so-called Kosovo, Haradinaj dismissed Mikic as Deputy Minister of Justice only one day after she spoke about the attacks of NATO which were committed 20 years ago.



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