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Serbian dealers-soldiers who fell with cocaine worth 120,000 euros due to naive mistake, admitted everything and struck a deal with the prosecution

While throwing away bags with cocaine, they didn't have gloves, so their fingerprints remained

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The soldiers in Zajecar military base, Zoran Solova (26) and Aleksandar Nikolic (26), both from Majdanpek, as well as Robert Atanasijevic (28) from Negotin, were sentenced to 3 years in prison since 540 grams of purest, "uncut" cocaine in crystal were discovered on their possession last year. 

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The street value of opiates, after being mixed with various substances, diluted and ready for sale, could reach a value of 120,000 euros. 

- All three of them will spend up to three years in prison. They reached an agreement with the prosecution in Negotin and they confessed - we found out from the authorities.

Their arrest was movie-like.

- Robert saw the inspectors and undercover police officers while he was driving his father's "Citroen Xsara", he recognized one of them and he put the pedal to the metal, then the chase began. His friends threw away one package and then they tried to throw away the second one. With breaking, the squeaking of tires, chase around the city, the dealer soldiers tried to escape. The members of the police caught up to them, they were stopped in the Negotin Hajduk Veljko street - we found out from the investigation.

While they were throwing away the bags with cocaine, they made a mistake - they weren't wearing gloves, so their fingerprints remained. It is presumed that the three convicts are just careers who were supposed to deliver the drugs to Belgrade.

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