Exclusive interview with Australian businessman: I offer a salary of 32,627 euros to Serbs, I pay for travel, accommodation, and health insurance (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He reveals to Telegraf.rs what abilities should his future assistant have in order to succeed

Matthew Lepre, a young Australian businessman, is seeking an assistant who will travel with him around the world and whose salary will be around 32,000 euros a year. Matthew is an expert in electronic commerce and earns money from online stores and commercials on social networks.

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We contacted Matthew and we were delighted with his professionalism and speed of response. Mat is a young, ambitious, hardworking and responsible guy.

Three years ago he dropped out of college and dedicated himself to a private business. 

Now he has millions of dollars in his account, and his salary equals a few thousand dollars a day. Also, Matthew organizes training for future businessmen around the world.

Matthew Lepre

Foto: Instagram/matthewlepre

We wanted to know more about the work he is doing so we asked him some questions.

  • What exactly are you doing and how do you make so much money over the internet?

I have started many online shops which sell cosmetic products and online books on science education. I earn money from selling these products and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and influencer marketing, I am very pleased with the way things go.

  • What is the way you make money from Instagram profile?

I do not make money specifically from my Instagram profile. I use my Instagram as a way to educate and inspire people to live their dream lives and to have the perfect balance between work and private life and can make money as they travel the world.

I do not make money specifically from my Instagram profile.

Matthew Lepre

Foto: Instagram/matthewlepre

  • We heard that you are asking for an assistant, exactly what conditions should he meet and how can he apply?

My future assistant should possess these qualities: the ability of multitasking, the love of traveling and exploring different cultures, excellent computer skills, strong knowledge of social networks, top organizational skills, should pay attention to the details, that he is ready for hard work, he must have a valid passport for at least 12 months, a proactive approach to his work and that he has the most important characteristic, which is an accuracy.

  • What will be the job of your assistant?

The assistant's job consists of various tasks: he needs to manage social networking platforms - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles, to respond to emails, to book flights and accommodation, to plan ahead, to schedule conversations with current students, and trainees, as well as to perform general administrative tasks.

  • Are you looking for a male or female assistant and who is applying more?

I do not ask for any specific gender, but many more women apply for this role.

  • Will the assistant travel with you or will he work online?

The assistant will travel with me and complete the tasks along the way. I travel a lot because of my work and I enjoy my lifestyle, I would like to offer someone the opportunity to enjoy everything with me.

Matthew Lepre

Foto: Instagram/matthewlepre

  • What about the salary?

The salary will be 52,000 AUD = 32,627 EUR per year. All travel and accommodation expenses will be paid, health insurance also.

  • Why haven't you found an assistant yet?

The application process is open by the end of May, I am patient because I want to find the perfect person for this role.

  • How to apply for this job?

In order to apply for a job, you can visit this link where you can apply - https://ecomvarrioracademi.com/ve-are-hiring/.

  • How many job applications have so far arrived at your address?

I currently have over 40,000 applications.

Matthew Lepre

Foto: Instagram/matthewlepre

  • Can an assistant be from Serbia and do you plan to visit Serbia soon?

Yes, he can certainly be from Serbia. I plan to visit Europe in June, I would like to come to Serbia for several days. I want to meet your people, culture, tradition, to try the food I have heard that it is very tasty, to visit museums and other tourist attractions in Serbia. I can't wait to come!

  • One question that surely everyone is interested in, what is your emotional status?

I'm currently single.

Matthew Lepre

Foto: Instagram/matthewlepre

We thank Matthew for his professional and wonderful cooperation and we look forward to his arrival in Serbia!

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