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The French government under pressure to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo: People started the petition


100.000 signatures are needed

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French intellectuals have launched a petition to try to force the government of that country to reconsider the 2008 decision on the recognition of the "marionette state of Kosovo".

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The petition was launched by historian and politician Alexis Trud and playwright Paul Antoine, supported by the Committee of Extraordinary People, among others, Colonel Jacques Ogar, French-Jewish Attorney Gilles William Goldnadel, writer Patrick Besson and politician, an expert in international relations, Alexandre del Valle.

Their goal is to gather 100 thousand signatures, as they say, of righteous French and Serbs, before the arrival of the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic to Paris to the second round of starting of negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina, which would force the Assembly and the Government of France to withdraw the recognition of so-called Kosovo.

- Kosovo is the heart of Serbian civilization, in the region, the basis of the Serbian state was developed. The pillars of Orthodox culture and spirituality were raised there in the 13th and 14th century, monasteries, precious guardians of secret scrolls, medieval arts and historical memory of Serbian people. Four monasteries are on the list of the world's cultural heritage and the list of endangered monuments of UNESCO - is in the petition.

It was especially pointed out that the Resolution 1244 of the United Nations confirmed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, that Kosovo and Metohija is an autonomous province, and all refugees and displaced persons have the right to return.

The authors of the petition reveal to the French public that the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army expelled 20% of the population from this territory, as many as 240,000 Serbs, destroyed more than 150 Orthodox churches and monasteries, which is said to be a loss of heritage not only for Serbian culture but for the whole of Christianity. More than 35.000 people signed the petition in less than 24 hours, the petition reminds that Kosovo wasn't accepted in any important international organizations, Unesco and Interpol.

Dr. Slobodan Zecevic from the European Studies Institute says for Sputnik that the initiative in which French intellectuals support the rest of Kosovo in Serbia is very interesting. It is pointed out that a large part of the world does not recognize Kosovo, especially large states, Russia, China, India, but also large Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Argentina, says Zecevic.

- The petition highlights the theses that have been present for a long time in our public, but which the French public may not know. In this regard, it is very positive, given that it aims at all parliamentary groups in the French Parliament again discussing the recognition of Kosovo. That each of the political parties reviews the position of this decision, to conduct some kind of internal party and public debate, and that, on the basis of this, it may eventually come to some new decision in France regarding the independence of Kosovo - says Zecevic.

He adds that esteemed French intellectuals and famous people noted that great Muslim countries, like Algeria and Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, and Morocco, didn't recognize Kosovo. The petitioners invited the Assembly and the Government to respect the rules and the traditions which rule the French democracy. The chances to have a debate about this within the parties are greater than our system said our interlocutor.

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When asked what the chances are for a petition to really change something, Zecevic replies that it is already discussing the movements in the French public, which are not in favor of the Albanians.

- Even if it doesn't go to the end to question the recognition of Kosovo, it is a significant initiative. The eyes of the MPs will be turned for some time that there is a problem of Kosovo and that it can be solved in a different way, and not in a way France has dealt with it before - said our interlocutor.

It is stated in the petition that more than 10 countries decided to question and to withdraw recognition about independence of Kosovo and Metohija, due to the fact that Pristina refuses to join the process of normalization of relations with Belgrade, among other things, and due to its complicity with crime and risks to minorities that live there.

The Serb community in the US launched a petition last year and asked US President Trump and the Congress to stop the persecution of Christians on Kosovo, to stop supporting Albanian leadership led by Hashim Thaci and creating an army under their control in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

Petition to the authorities to review the decision to recognize Kosovo was initiated by Serbs from Italy and a group of Italian intellectuals and submitted to the Italian authorities an anniversary of the illegal proclamation of an independent Kosovo.

VIDEO: Meeting of Vucic and Macron 

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