Scandalous provocation by Jusuf Nurkic: He glorified soldiers who fought against Serbs in front of Jokic! (VIDEO)

The center of Portland is using every opportunity to promote war and criminals

Jusuf Nurkic is a basketball player from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) who plays for Portland Trail Blazers but he is currently injured. He amazed his fans once again, but he made everyone in Serbia angry!

Jokic's face when he accidentally ripped off the microphone is priceless (VIDEO)

He wore a shirt with the names of dead soldiers from the wars in the nineties, which have hero status in the Bosniak public. It is interesting that he didn't show the shirt at the beginning of the game because he was wearing a sweatshirt, but he took it off during the match.

He shared a video on the Facebook social network where he glorifies the war in former Yugoslavia, more precisely, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and he is singing the song "Nine heroes". 

It is a song dedicated to nine soldiers of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, decorated with the highest possible medals (in Bosnia and Herzegovina), Order of the hero of the liberation war, and those people are Izet Nanic, Hajrudin Mesic, Safet Hadzic, Safet Zajko, Mehdin Hodzic, Midhat Hujdur, Adil Besic, Nesib Malkic, and Enver Sehovic.

Izet Nanic was a commander of 505, a brigade of the BiH army, and there is allegedly a video which shows the members of that squad performing crimes on civilians.

"Heroes" who killed the Serb people in Bosnia, innocent people and children, this is a provocation for Jokic and the Serbs who watch this game. This is mixing sports with war and politics, completely unnecessary. I hope the NBA will do something about this, this is terrible, wrote one user of Twitter.

VIDEO: LeBron James posterized Jusuf Nurkic 


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