Drama near Sarajevo: Great chase after criminals who were hiding in the woods, officers were hurt, a car was smashed (PHOTO)

A policeman suffered serious injuries

The dramatic chase happened early morning in Hadzaci near Sarajevo

He was laughing while Milenko was dying: A man from Bosnia, who disgusted the entire region, is arrested (VIDEO)

As Avaz found out, one car was completely smashed in the chase.

According to the portal, the members of the police tried to stop the car but the driver wasn't stopping, he was driving towards Pazaric.

While escaping, he hit the police car and he injured two police officers, one of them suffered serious police injuries. The portal unofficially found out that another member of the police was hurt during this action.

When a car hit the police vehicle, the man started running but the police officers caught him and arrested him. He was put to an alcohol test and drugs test.

The prosecutor described this case as an attack on an official person.

The reporter of "Avaz" on the scene said that the road toward Konjic is closed and that there is a police patrol on the crossroad to Pazaric.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Avaz.ba)

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