Stonemason carved 2046 as the year of death on woman's tombstone: She said 2 sentences and disappeared, I never saw her again

The stonemason fulfilled her last wish

The stonemason responded after the tombstone of Zorica Miletic appeared. She determined her own year of death 2046 and it became the main topic in Kragujevac.

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- Grandma Zorica asked me to carve the year of her death to be 2046 on the joint tombstone with her brother. She told me "I have decided to live 100 years. Do you have something to say?" I have fulfilled her request and I never saw her again - said Jovan Mladenovic, a stonemason from Kragujevac who met with Zorica Miletic (73) at the local cemetery.

Zorica Miletic, Kragujevac

Foto: Telegraf

Zorica disappeared three years ago and she was discovered dead in her apartment on Wednesday in the street of Knez Milos 23 in this city.

As we found out, Zorica, former fashion designer, passed away due to natural causes. After the media wrote about her disappearance, the police broke into her apartment and they discovered an incredibly well-preserved corpse.

- The apartment is on the sixth floor, it was locked from the inside with a key, and a chain and no one could leave it, it was clear that the windows were well shut. The apartment was neat, there were no signs of robbery, violence, and her remains, well preserved, were discovered on the bed - said the source.

Zorica Miletic, Kragujevac

Foto: Telegraf

According to her neighbor Nadezda Todorovic, Zorica was seen three years ago, when they talked together in front of their building.

- We have noticed that Zorica hasn't been picking up her main since April 2016. The mailbox was full of bills. But, no one reacted, we reported it to the police - said Nadezda.

The manager of the building Zoran Savic said that he entered with the police and coroner to the apartment, there was no smell.

- The woman was lying on the bed, covered with a blanket. Her skin was preserved, her hair as well as if she was mummified. I have heard that this kind of phenomenon are possible because the windows were well shut, there wasn't any air in the apartment, and the heating was on. That probably caused a special climate in the apartment - speculates Savic.

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