A famous journalist had another surgery: The operation was complex and it was kept in total secrecy

The surgery lasted for several hours

The journalist Dea Djurdjevic is leading a successful fight for her health which she started on February 7, when she was hit by a bus which tore her arm. Her condition is now stable, and it was certain that she is going to face more surgeries, and one of the most difficult ones was performed a few days ago and it was shrouded in secrecy.

Famous Serbian journalist injured in an accident: Dea Djurdjevic in Military Medical Academy, a bus tore off her arm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

According to Kurir, the surgery was very demanding and it lasted for several hours. The last information states that the surgery went well. The outcome will be known when some time passes. The procedure was performed by a professor doctor Marko Bumbasirevic, who is well-known when it comes to cases like this.

- A large surgical team consisting of several microsurgeons, neurosurgeons, and orthopedists, who performed a very complex operation. They had to transplant the nerves from Dea's leg into the injured hand so they could restore the mobility of the arm - said the source familiar with the health conditions of the journalist and explains the outcomes of these procedures are often uncertain.

Dea Đurđević, nesreća

Printskrin: Youtube/Novo jutro

- No one knows in advance if the arm is going to accept the nerves completely or to say if they are going to work in the arm as they have worked in the legs. However, according to the estimates of the doctors, there shouldn't be any problems. They believe that everything will pass without great complications. Dea now awaits a long recovery where she needs to be completely dedicated to the way she moves. Dea needs to learn how to walk again and to move her arm because due to the nerves being transplanted this is the unavoidable sequence of circumstances. As she showed that she is brave and persistent, everybody is sure that she will have the strength to do this. Her desire and will for a quality life are leading her through all of the battles she has had and, so far, her optimism is very important for the doctors who are on this case - said the source.

30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm

- The entire course of treatment is just as the team of surgeons thinks it should be done. I am in a hospital and my health condition is still good. The period of rehabilitation and recovery follows next - said Dea.

VIDEO: Mladen Mijatovic reports about the accident of his fiancee Dea Djurdjevic 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Kurir)

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