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Famous Serbian journalist injured in an accident: Dea Djurdjevic in Military Medical Academy, a bus tore off her arm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


The doctors are trying everything to save her arm

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There has been a crash of two buses and three cars near the hospital "Dr. Dragisa Misovic" where a host of TV Pink Dea Djurdjevic was seriously injured.

A car in which a woman died was destroyed: It was wrecked open from the back, you can't even see the license plates (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Foto: Telegraf.rs

As we found out, the accident occurred when Dea had a light crash with another car. At the moment when she was going out of the car to talk with another driver what to do, a bus came and hit her, and tore off her arm

Although according to the first information, there were speculations that her arm was amputated by the doctors on the spot, that didn't happen, she has lost it when a but hit her.

Foto: rts.rs

Dea was transported urgently to the Military Medical Academy, and the doctors put the arm "on ice" and they are trying to do everything to save it.

Three persons were seriously injured in the traffic accident that happened near Clinical Hospital Center "Dragisa Misovic" in Belgrade

Several cars and public transport vehicles participated in the accident. The reason of the crash is most probably skidding.

The traffic accident took place at 6 AM on the corner of Ljutice Bogdana street and Heroja Milana Tepica street in Belgrade.


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