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Video of arrest of Serbian auto gang who ran chop shop; drugs also found in apartments

During the search of the premises, drugs and weapons were found

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Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have arrested five persons in the territory of Belgrade and Cacak, who are suspected of stealing cars in Belgrade, and then cutting them up into components that were sold in the area of Cacak.

Those arrested have been identified with their initials and age as N. R. (39), M. K. (43) and N. J. (29) from Belgrade, as well as M. N. (38) and Z. B. (20) from Cacak.

It is suspected that N.R., M.K. and N.J. were stealing Skoda Octavia and Golf 7 vehicles in the Belgrade municipalities of Zvezdara and Vozdovac in 2019 and during this year, which they would then take to rented garages, and then to Cacak, where M.N. and Z.B., as suspected, dissembled them into parts that they would later sell.

During the search of apartments and other premises used by M. N. and Z. B., a large quantity of auto parts has been found: chassis, engines, seats, audio players, keys, sensors, upholstery, as well as several pieces of tools for breaking into and starting a car.

Also, about 1.2 kilograms of amphetamines, 19,850 tablets from the list of psychoactive substances, as well as a part for a hunting carbine have been found in Z.B.'s apartment, while a hunting carbine was found with M.N.

During the search of the apartment and other premises used by N.J. about 30 grams of heroin has also been found.

In the previous period, police officers found a Golf 7 and a Skoda Octavia in the ​​Belgrade area, which had been, as suspected, stolen by those arrested today. The police were able to return these vehicles to their owners.

The suspects are being detained for up to 48 hours now, after which they will be brought before the competent prosecutor's office, along with a criminal charge of aggravated theft.

In addition, due to suspicion that they committed the criminal offense of unauthorized production and distribution of narcotics, criminal charges will be filed against N.J. and Z.B., while criminal charges will be filed against M.N. and Z.B for illegal production, possession, carrying and trafficking of weapons and explosives.


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