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Little ones gave up from their excursion so their friend could get better: Brave little Petar is fighting a dangerous malign sickness


The news that Petar is sick has shaken his friends and teachers, and there were tears...

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Students of the eighth-grade elementary school "Ratko Vukicevic" from Nis gave up from going to the senior excursion and the money they intended for that will be donated for treatment of their friend from class Petar Grujic (14), who was diagnosed with a sinister malign disease in June - Ewing's sarcoma, IV stage.

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Petar's friends took the news very hard and they decided to help him in any possible way.

Petar Grujić Foto: Budi human

Painful tumor 

The surgical procedure was performed on June 11, after which the tumor of severe aggressiveness and malignancy metastasized and became significantly more progressive. Peter received two blocks of chemotherapy, but the treatment did not yield results. The child's happy childhood was stopped by a wicked disease with which he was leading a tough battle. He suddenly lost weight, he had difficulty moving. The tumor is painful, it is located on the chest and creates problems while breathing.

The news that Petar is sick has shaken his friends and teachers, and there were tears...

- Children want to give up new shoes, phones, and some even won't go to the excursion in order to help. The children that will go to the excursion will certainly give money for Petar's treatment. I was touched by their decision, really. Petar is a wonderful child - Divna Stevanovic said to Kurir, principal of the Elementary school "Ratko Vukicevic", and adds that there are many humanitarian actions planned to gather all the necessary money.

The answer from Germany 

Natasa Uzinovic, the home teacher of the sick boy and his friends who gave up from the excursion, explains that the goal was to gather as many resources as possible in a short period of time. It will probably take 100.000 euros for the treatment. His parents should get the answer from the hospital in Germany whether they will accept the boy and how much will the treatment cost.

Osnovci se odrekli ekskurzije zbog druga Foto: Printscreen/ Prva

- The parents delivered all of the documents to the hospital in Germany. We are eagerly waiting for their answer. The school managed to gather around 100.000 dinars, but we continue with the actions to gather means for Petar's treatment - Uzinovic adds and hopes for the best outcome, and that she is proud of the children who united to help their friend.

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