Sensational discovery: A "living medicine" for cancer and leukemia is coming, the famous Serbian doctor is bringing great news from America (VIDEO)

Dr. Nada Basara, a highly respected Serbian oncologist, reveals what kind of medicine that is, against what kind of cancers and leukemia we can use CAR T therapy, what is the percentage of cured people, and when will it be available for everybody

In the past few years, revolutionary discoveries in the field of medicine have brought light at the end of the tunnel and great hope for many patients suffering from various cancers and leukemia. Perhaps the strongest light so far is called CAR T cell therapy (chimeric antigenic receptor), and it is a specific type of "living medicine" that attacks the disease and infected patients' cells.

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What kind of therapy this is, CAR T therapy can be used for what kinds of cancer and leukemia, what is the percentage of the cured people, when will it be available for everybody, Prof. Dr. Nada Basara, highly praised Serbian oncologist and one of the greatest names in the world of medicine from these areas, who has been living and working in Germany for decades, explains exclusively for Telegraf.rs.

Dr. Basara just returned from San Diego, from the 60th Congress of American hematologists, which shows the revolutionary results in relation to the treatment of CAR T cells:

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(Telegraf.co.uk / A. Jovanovic)

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