Cuban doctors are miracle workers in Belgrade: The prolong the life of cancer patients, they save the terminally ill people, they increase the percent of cured children (PHOTO)

They already treated patients from Serbia

- We have a case where a man has a lung cancer and he has been living a normal and active life for the past 12 years. Those are people who were told that they won't make it, but their life has been significantly prolonged thanks to our vaccines - said the Cuban oncologist Reno Cespedes, who treats children with the most difficult forms of cancer. He is currently visiting Belgrade, and another great expert from the word of medicine accompanies him, Dr. Anabeli Estevez Garsia. They hope that they will have the opportunity to meet the patients and doctors who could see the benefits of treatment in Cuba.

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It is free for the citizens of Cuba. For all of those who live outside of the border of this largest Carribean island, the prolongment of life costs a lot. There is hope only for those who can afford it.

- Treatment on Cuba is free and that should be the principle all of the countries should function. Everyone will have the chance to fight against its sickness - the doctors said.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

With the help of the vaccines, which were in use for the past 20 years in Cuba, the pain is greatly reduced with people who have metastasis, the quality of life improves, and there are cases where people lived a lot longer than the doctors anticipated.

When a drug Numotuzumab was tested in 2009 on the group of children, aged between 3 and 18, the positive reaction was recorded in 96% of the cases. Those children are living a normal life to this day, although the sickness was quickly developing before the research, and the tumor grew a lot in a short period of time. The forecast was bad. By injecting the Cuban drug, the percentage of survival was greatly increased.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

- I remember a girl from Serbia, J.M. who was here for treatment. She arrived in a very bad condition, just three months since the tumor was diagnosed. She had a good response to the therapy and we gave our best to keep the sickness under control - the pediatrician remembers.

The greatest number of patients come due to lung cancer, in a third or fourth phase, with metastasis.

- We have the most success with treating lung cancer, but we also have a patient from Serbia who has been living for the past three years with cancer of the central neural system and he has a good life - the doctor Garsia said.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

- That is why these vaccines that we use are so significant. We have patients who are feeling well, no matter the stage of the sickness. It is unnecessary for people to delay the start of therapy with us because the sooner they come, the better the chances for us to help them - she adds.

They both point out that immunotherapy is the most important in the treatment of the sick people because the patient can have a quality life, even with cancer. Therefore, their life is prolonged.

The doctors start from the premise that carcinogenic cells are mutations and transformations and, after all, they could have the same immune response as a healthy cell. Thus they are strengthening the immune system and it can fight the disease.

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