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First footages from the scene, the bus, and the truck are charred: The police published the telephone number which could prevent the next tragedy (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


Five people died in a serious tragedy, and three more were seriously injured

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The head of the Traffic Police Directorate Nebojsa Arsov, who visited the place of a traffic accident that occurred this morning at 6.45 am in the village of Barlovo near Kursumlija, appealed to the companies to take care about the safety of the vehicle and the time the drivers have for rest.

A terrible accident, pictures from the scene: Four passengers died in a bus and truck crash in Serbia

- This is another serious traffic accident that happened in the past seven days, after which 19 people have lost their lives in total - said Arson and confirmed that four people died in this accident.

As Arsov said, the police will perform the inspection of the transport company.

Foto: MUP Srbije

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Traffic Police Directorate will monitor the transport companies and determine whether all legal provisions are respected, and an investigation conducted by the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office will determine how this traffic accident occurred - said Arsov.

The head of the Traffic Police Directorate invited the passengers and drivers to report all irregularities during the transport to the Traffic Police Directorate at number 064/892-21-1. 

- The Traffic Police Directorate will intervene on any irregularities and determine whether it is a mistake of the company or driver - said Arsov.

Foto: MUP Srbije

Arsov appealed to all drivers, who are going or coming back from holidays, to respect the speed limits, not to pass in the places where it is not save, and to care about other participants in traffic.


There were a nurse and few police officers off duty. They were the first ones who came to the bus on flames and they helped other passengers on the bus, in order to prevent bigger tragedy.

The police officer Sasa Vuckovic took out one of the passed out passengers and he put out flames with his bare hands which were burning on the passenger. 

- Complete chaos, everything was on fire. I took one person and I carried it in my hands. He wasn't conscious. I can't describe the scene - said Vuckovic.

Police officers from the same station, who were just passing by with a car, joined the rescue operation.


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