Terrible comments on Croatian sites about the death of 4 Serbs: "It's their fault, I am not sorry for the fools. Should we introduce Chetnik-vignette?"

Four people have died from the force of the impact (42-year-old driver and the passengers in the car, 14 years old boy, 43 years old woman, and 47 years old man)

Four citizens of Serbia died early this morning in a serious traffic accident on a highway in Croatia, while one person suffered injuries, announced by the Vukovar-Sremska police.

Serbs went to celebrate Easter and they died in a car crash in Croatia: Three adults and a child (14) lost their lives

This news raised a lot of attention in Croatia so people left various comments on local portals - some of the people gave their condolences, and some of them left comments which were really not appropriate.

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Many people said that it is terrible that this accident happened before Easter, and they stated it is important to wear a seat belt.

However, there were those who used this moment to promote hatred and to remind about the wars of the nineties.

Some of the people proposed to introduce a special vignette for Serbs to "repay the war damages", "chetnik vignette".

The other one said that he is not sorry for the fools because they knew the law and they should have worn the safety belt.

Printskrin: Vecernji list

The traffic accident occurred during the night, around 00:30, on a highway A3, close to the Bosnjaci resort in the direction of Zagreb.  

The driver lost control of the vehicle and he crashed the car into the fence on the highway.

The passenger next to the driver was the only one wearing the safety belt and he suffered light injuries.

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