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Hungarians expanded the search to Serbia: The search for 21 victims of the ship collision on the Danube is expanded to our country

A spokesman for the Hungarian police said the search is hampered due to high water levels

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At least seven people lost their lives in the collision of ships on Danube river in Budapest, including grandparents, their two daughters, and six-year-old granddaughter. Officially, 21 people are listed as missing, and according to the last information of the Hungarian police, the search will be expanded to Serbia

A girl (6) is one of the 7 tourists who died in the collision of ships on the Danube: Nobody was wearing life jackets (PHOTO)

- The rescue operation is hampered by heavy rain and strong currents in the Danube whose water level is growing. The search for 21 missing persons has been extended to the Danube in Serbia - spokesman for the police Adrian Pal stated, the Hungarian media reports.

He said that an investigation is underway which will determine what has caused the collision. According to him, the accident took place on Wednesday at 21:05, and the first call for help came to the control center 10 minutes later. 

To recall, there were 34 people on the ship at the moment of the accident, and it is believed that most of them are from Asia and 2 Hungarian crew members. The ministry of foreign affairs of South Korea confirmed that there were citizens of that country on the ship.

South Korea media already proclaimed the missing as dead. According to them, one of the dead is the daughters is the 38-year-old beautician who gave this journey to her parents as a gift in order to thank them for caring about her daughter. Her husband was supposed to go as well but he stayed home for work. He is now on his way to Hungary together with the families of other victims.

The family lived in a three-story building, each of them on one level, while the beauty saloon also took one floor. 

According to the data of the tourist agency which organized the travel, there were brother and a sister on the ship. 27-year-old brother, who left South Korea for the first time in his life, is missing, and his sister has been saved. 

Among the passengers were three retired officials from the Korean Interior Ministry. One of them is saved. 

VIDEO: The collision of ships on the Danube river 

(Telegraf.co.uk / hirstart.hu)

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