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Jutka dismissed! The members of the parliament accepted the resignation of the controversial politician

Milutin Jelicic Jutka is charged with sexually harassing his secretary Marija Lukic

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Milutin Jelicic Jutka was dismissed today officially from the position of the president of the municipality of Brus, after being charged with sexually harassing his secretary, Marija Lukic.

Mayor harrassed his secretary. New details from the confession of the victim: His thugs dictated me to write that it was a joke, they told me "my life is on the line"

The session began today at 11 AM in the Municipality of Brus whose agenda is the dismissal of Milutin Jelicic Jutka, the long-time president of the municipality, who was charged with sexual harassment and unauthorized sexual activity by abusing the position of a mayor.

The members accepted the resignation, which Jelicic submitted on March 11th. The local assembly also noted the resignations of the Deputy Mayor and the Municipal Council.

Milutin Jelicic Jutka is charged with sexually harassing his secretary Marija Lukic, among other things, and for sending 15.000 inappropriate messages. Several other women working in the municipality were in a similar situation, but the court only accepted the lawsuit of Lukic.

Representatives of the opposition gathered in front of the Municipal Assembly, which included the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas, Bosko Obradovic, Borko Stefanovic, who asked the place the naming of the new mayor of the municipality on the agenda, because as they say, Jutka could perform the duty of the municipality president until the new one is elected.

VIDEO: Dobrivoje Lukic spoke about the hell he has been through with his wife Marija in Brus


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