The first interview with the new Mayor of Belgrade: I am aware of the responsibility this job has and I am prepared for it

- I am prepared to hear constructive criticism, but I will not allow evil noise to cripple me - the Mayor of Belgrade said

New Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojicic said that he is aware of the great responsibility the job carries with it and that he is prepared, saying that he has experienced political fighters in his team and that he will make a great team for Belgrade.

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- When I first talked with the president Vucic, he immediately told me that he sees me in this place and he believes that I can answer to the challenges of the job. We had a list of few people who could do this job. Everything came into place and I got a chance. I believe that the president, with his rich political experience, recognized what I can do - Radojicic said for "Vecernje Novosti".

When the paper stated that the most important decisions will be made by Goran Vesic from the shadows, Radojicic said that "Vesic will not be in the shadow".

- On the contrary, he is a "key player" of our team and his political experience and knowledge of the city administration will be the key to determine if we are successful. My estimate is that we are both team players and we already have an open and direct relationship - he said.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

He said that thanks to dedicated work of the administration he is about to inherit, he will have the honor to start with the construction of the Belgrade metro.

- We will have to reach good decisions and to inform the public about the details of this project. It is necessary to connect the entire public transportation in order to have fewer vehicles and to relieve the city of this burden. Metro will place our capital on the map of world Metropolises, and the people of Belgrade will come home from work faster - he said.

Speaking about the opposition in the city parliament, Radojicic said that he is prepared to hear constructive criticism, but he will not allow "evil noise" to cripple him.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

- I am here to do good things for Belgrade. This is a democratic society, the job of the opposition is to criticize and to oversee us, I hope that I will work fair and in accordance with democratic principles we all strive for - the new mayor concluded.

When asked what is his first day going to be like, Radojicic said that he has a schedule which fits three work days.

- I am slightly nervous due to the obligations that await me, but I will manage - the mayor said.

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