Croats disturbed about a woman from Belgrade who posed nude in the church in Dubrovnik: "Father, forgive her, she doesn't know what she is doing" (PHOTO)

The filming crew entered illegally and performed the shooting in the open Dubrovnik churches, and the public was divided on social networks

The crew of the German Film and Television Academy "Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin" filmed a students' documentary movie "The Colour Nude" in Dubrovnik. It wouldn't be strange if the model, Vesna Knezevic Cosic, the writer from Belgrade, wasn't nude, and the part of this erotic photos was taken in Dubrovnik Churches. 

They are the rich kids of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are proudly showing it: Luscious cleavages, expensive cars and reckless behavior (PHOTO) 

The filming crew entered illegally and performed the shooting in the open Dubrovnik churches, and the public was divided on social networks, many people from Dubrovnik sharply criticized this kind of behavior in the holy places in the city.

Bishop Mate Uzinic also reacted, who also announced legal consequences for those who took advantage of these sites.

- I was deeply saddened that the open churches of Dubrovnik were abused for self-promotion and for the filming of indecent photos under the excuse of Art, and we will have to respond both legally and in media.

Praying the Lord for us who have been hurt by this, with the crucified Jesus, I want to pray for those who caused it, saying, "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing!" - wrote the Bishop of Dubrovnik, Mate Uzinic, on his Facebook profile.

For the project, photographer Stjepo Brbora was hired in Dubrovnik, who explained his role in this case. He emphasizes that he is neither the organizer nor the conceptual creator of controversial shooting and that he was engaged exclusively as a photographer, a statist of the film. 

- The Berlin Film Academy is organizing an experimental documentary film about an elderly woman who is setting herself free, which is rebellious and subversive, although such subversiveness is typical for the younger population. They told me that they had all the permits, domestic producers from Zagreb, and they hired me only as a photographer and all the material is theirs. 

It is a small team of women, but I don't know if they had the permit for the church, but there were oral agreements - Brbora said, adding that the crew was very organized and that they acquired the permit for filming within the city, which they didn't have.

He didn't know who was getting the permit for filming in Dubrovnik.

Foto: Wikimedia/Diego Delso

Brbora's colleagues, photographers from Dubrovnik, confirmed that the German crew really gave them to sign a consent that they won't ask for compensation in case they were part of this documentary film.

All of them understood very well that they would never receive a permit from the Dubrovnik diocese, especially since the bishop didn't allow the world famous "naked" scene "The Walk of Shame" from the series Game of Thrones in front of Dubrovnik Catedral.

The mayor Mato Frankovic responded to the filming of erotic photos in the Dubrovnik church

Foto: Wikimedia/Bizutage

When it comes to film and TV production, the disrespect of city decisions that clearly define how to use public and urban spaces has been recognized as a problem for a long time.

Therefore, we are working on an act that will set clear rules of conduct ensuring the dignity of the city as a place of exceptional historical heritage, a city of freedom and mutual respect - Frankovic said, adding that this case showed that the Dubrovnik Diocese should consider introducing an acceptable form of supervision and protection of its own space.

Numerous comments can be read on social networks. "If this is art or something similar, then I am from another planet," "this is terrible and immoral to the extent that whoever approves this has little dignity and faith in his life", "honestly, I am speechless, this is the lowest bottom of values I have seen, even if it is photomontage it is disgusting" - some of the comments of the bitter citizens.

(Telegraf.co.uk /slobodnadalmacija.hr/Foto: dubrovackidnevnik.rtl.hr)

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