A couple from Belgrade ended up in a pool of blood because of sex: Doctors tried to take out the spring out of the lady's buttocks early in the morning!

Javorka is 103 years old and she is the oldest woman in Smederevo: She never goes to the doctors, and this is the secret of her longevity (PHOTO)

Fortress as a symbol of Novi Sad, Danube, and Vojvodina, and rarely anyone knows the terrible secret hidden behind its walls!

Perhaps we are the Gods of basketball because of this: How was the basketball played in occupied Belgrade (VIDEO)

Belgrade already had a fountain which was the main attraction between the two wars: Here is where it was and what is there today (PHOTO)

Serbian holy site burned: Place where offerings were placed for decades disappeared in the blink of an eye

Serbia hidden gem in the middle of the nature reserve: Divine Church at 1,450 meters high from the 3rd century with medicinal springs geyser (VIDEO)

Jagoda (64) escaped from her son and husband who tortured her: Now she lives in the ruins of a burnt house, without without electricity, water and food (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Secrets of the mountain Kokino: Surrounding villages believe its cursed, and it was recognized by NASA and it is connected with Stonehenge (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

SCANDAL: Shameful scene of the grave of Tose Proeski, fans in disbelief, no one expected this (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

BEAUTIFUL WATERMILLS OF SERBIA: These 10 withstand the ravages of time, like a fairy tale! (PHOTO)

Have you ever been to Vrsac? View from this place doesn't exist in Hollywood (VIDEO)

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