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Happy New Year 7527, according to the oldest Serbian calendar


Shouldn't Serbs celebrate their New Year on January 14th?

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A new 7527 year begins today at noon, according to the oldest calendar in the world, the old Serbian calendar. Every April 4th, when it comes to the northern hemisphere, north and south energy that comes from the sun cross paths and the summer starts, and vice versa, winter for the southern hemisphere. Summer will last in our areas until Mitrovdan, 8th November, when the roles will change. Have you ever wondered, although we all know that, or should know, why is the New Year on 31st December to 1st January, or 13th to 14th January? 

BEAUTIFUL SERBIA! A scene from Soko-Grad, a stronghold of a Bogumil which was sieged by great Prince Stefan Nemanja (PHOTO)

The one that serves as an official for all peoples in the world is the Gregorian calendar, proclaimed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, but it was proposed by the Calabrian doctor and astronomer Aloysius Lilly as the modification of the previous Julian calendar, which was again established by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, replacing the previous Roman calendar. So both of them come from Rome.

This means that in both cases we celebrate the arrival of the new year by Catholic calendars. How come the Serbs "celebrate their New Year" on January 13th to 14th?

The answer is, above all, the celebration of Orthodox holidays and celebrating the patron saint by the "old" calendar (Julian), which was accepted in one point in history, and then it was changed to the other calendar. But it wasn't always like that and not everybody did it. All Serbian patriarchs, from Janic to present day, dated their documents after old Serbian calendar.

Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

The cross of Patriarch Pavle, which is kept in the monastery Vujan near Gornji Milanovac, is a special proof. Serbian folk or old calendar was an official calendar of medieval Serbian states from 1219 when it was included in the church code by Saint Sava, and that lasted all the way to the "Berlin Congress" in 1878, or the first Serbian uprising.

Charters, laws, decisions, obligations were written according to it. Many monuments were dated using it. The oldest preserved one is from the sixth century. And all of those who visited the monument to Prince Lazar and the dead warriors on Kosovo, built by his son, Despot Stefan Lazarevic, say that the Kosovo battle took place in 6897.


Austro-Hungarians and Germans contributed the most why we started slowly forgetting our history. They blackmailed Karadjordje at the time of the first Serbian uprising to start using the Catholic calendar because ours was too confusing, and both of them made it official at the Berlin Congress in 1878.

The stakes were high, Serbia became a new independent European State, it wasn't good to be mad at our western "friends". Of course, Prince Milan Obrenovic, as a friend of Austro-Hungary probably didn't even think about the calendar at that moment. That is how the Karadjordjevic started, and Obrenovic dynasty completed the circle of some kind of cultural and historical genocide over Serbia. The stakes were certainly high and both dynasties were forced to do that, but why are we ashamed of our, without a doubt, great past?

Foto: Wikipedia/Cerovic Dragana


These are all facts, just like the facts that everything was connected to the old Serbian calendar, the understanding of natural laws, Cyrillic letter, it all came from Vinca civilization. And it was on Serbian grounds, on the Danube. A number of world famous and home scientists have been dealing with these facts for many years: Jovan Deretic, Radivoje Pesic, Olga Lukovic Pjanovic, Milos Milojevic, Sima Lukin Lazic, Milan T. Stevancevic, Ljiljana Krtinic, and the Russian scientist from Harvard, Aleksej Kljosov, the American Milton, Shan Vin...

Milutin Milankovic went the furthest in his understanding of climate changes and the effect of magnetic field of the galaxy, building the most precise calendar in the process. Unfortunately, the official Serbian science, under the auspices of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is quiet about everything. Why?

The science is silent, but the ordinary men, especially in the countryside, has been listening to nature for centuries and millennia. Those skills were passed from one generation to another for thousands of years and they are surely embedded in the inventions of those first (our) civilizations. A man from a village maybe can't explain why the sun is soo good while fertilizing the fields, when and where he should plant something. There are two seasons for him: summer and winter. And it has been like that since forever. Spring and autumn are made up seasons in the cycle of the sun.

Odmor seljaka tokom kosidbe. Ruska imperija početkom XX veka. Sergej Prokudin-Gorski. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/prokudin-gorskiy.ru

The Jews have a long tradition like this, but shorter than Serbs, and their New Year is on the first day of the seventh month of Tishri and that is usually between the beginning of September and the end of October, according to the Gregorian calendar, or during wine harvest or leaf fall according to Serbian calendar. They are currently at 5779. On the other side, Chinese entered 4716. They are celebrating according to the Lunar calendar.

The only thing that remains is to congratulate New 7527 year to all Serbs, or who have Serbian origin, or to the entire civilization whose origins come from here and the Danube. We wish you a lot of health, happiness, and love, everything else will come along.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Rade Milosavljevic)

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