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Serbs hold the Balkans in their hands: Two governments in the region depend on our votes

- The problem of our citizens is great apoliticality, but also the discrimination and that is why Serbs have the attitude that they can't be a political factor - the analyst Branko Radun said

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Serbs hold the region in their hand. Although this title sounds like it came from a tabloid, the situation really confirms it. It seems at first glance that they don't have a key role in the governments of Kosovo and Croatia, the votes of Serbs have a great influence on the situation on Balkans. Whether they are aware or not, the two governments in the region depend on the votes of Serbs, which could be seen when Serbian list left the Government of Kosovo.

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Despite the fact that that the representatives of Serbs only formally left the Kosovo government, when the issue of trusting the office in Pristina was placed on the agenda, everything depended on their votes. On the other hand, in the Croatian Parliament, Milorad Pupovac and his Independent Democratic Serb Party have great influence.

Experts say that the importance of Serbian votes is disproportionate with the status of Serbs, which opens a question, what moves can representatives of Serb make to use their strong influence in the countries of the region?

Political analyst Dejan Vuk Stankovic told Telegraf that a weight is needed on the measuring scales to make Serbian votes extremely important, but no matter the significance, Serbs are not changing their status, both in Croatia and in Kosovo.

When we speak about Milan Rakic and Milorad Pupovac, I can only say "I wouldn't like to be in their shoes", first because of the media-political lynching, since that is a black spot in the Kosovo and Croatian society. They required of them to be even more determined and demanding in the situations where their head could be on the line. I think that, for them, it is most important to survive with dignity, and it depends on their political skill whether will they be able to protect themselves and Serbian people - he explained and added that the Serbian societies are a large problem for them and too big of a problem for themselves.

Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Serbian votes are determining the situation in the region, but we are not using them enough with the aim to position our community. Branko Radun agrees, who refers to Montenegro, where Serbian parties have a great percentage of support, even though Milo Djukanovic managed so far to form the Government without our votes. 

- However, the question remains if that will be the case in the future. We have around a million and 200 thousand Serbs in Republika Srpska, but we also have Serbian votes in Federation. Others use it, there is no reason why we shouldn't use it, it just takes extra work, organization, money, lobbying... - he thinks.

He adds that the problem of our citizens is great apoliticality, but also the discrimination and that is why Serbs have the attitude that they can't be a political factor.

Foto: Medija centar Beograd

- It is little known that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder came to power with the support of the Turkish minority, and we could do that, for example, in Austria, where our community has 100.000 people. However, apart from numbers, we need other factors like a good integration of citizens, higher education, wealth - concludes Radun.


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