Chaos in Pristina continues: After many delays, a session on the Kosovo government negotiating team is scheduled for today

- The proposer of the hearing asked to postpone the debate and the session will continue today - said Kadri Veseli

After several delays, the session of the Kosovo Assembly continues today at 2 pm, confirmed the President of this Parliament, Kadri Veseli.

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- We have met all the conditions for the start of the session, at the same time we were in the decision-making phase in the government negotiating team for the final phase of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. The proposer of the debate asked us to postpone the hearing and the session will continue today at 2 pm - said Kadri Veseli.

Although after a regular break, the assembly session was to resume at 2 pm, it was postponed to 16.30, and then the head of the Alliance for the Future Alliance, Ahmet Isufi, told KTV that the debate was postponed again for 18:30.

Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj said earlier that he is not sure if he will have enough votes to verify his proposal on the composition of the negotiating team, as the opposition boycotts the session and does not intend to support the government proposal on the negotiating team.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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