The greatest monster of all times will arrive soon to Serbia: He murdered 14 people, and there were children among them (PHOTO)

A man was shooting in Nis. He was on a probation: If the policeman hadn't stopped him, we would've had a massacre

We entered the newest Serbian Alcatraz: It looks like Pentagon, the fierce criminals will be there and it is impossible to escape (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The prosecution protected the bully from Stara Pazova, but the cameras captured his cruelty towards the old man he has beaten

The bitter fates of all 12 godfathers of Luka Bojovic: They butchered, murdered, and then they ended up even worse

Butcher from Kosjeric killed his wife because of Facebook: There is an incredible story behind the unprecedented crime

Greeks want lifetime sentence for seven Serbs on Zakynthos: The investigation showed that Henderson was killed in just 11 seconds

Stojan first hit grandpa Sveta with a car, and then the sisters Milica and Marija. They are all dead now, and what is his punishment? (PHOTO)

Former convicts from Kragujevac thought about committing a crime again. But then, they started their own business (PHOTO)

Friends on Facebook are justifying Rasa and they don't believe he killed his father: "He is lovely, he made good parties, let's sent him money to prison"

The worst prisons of Balkans: Chaos in Idrizovo and reduced sentences, they rape snitches in Zenica, "Glina" threatens with "rubber rooms", and in Spuz - with fists (VIDEO)

Jelena is the best fighter in the world, she does ballet in kimono and she works in prison: She is a real brand of Leskovac (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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