The greatest monster of all times will arrive soon to Serbia: He murdered 14 people, and there were children among them (PHOTO)

This executioner from the north of Backa started his bloody rampage with his death squadron in January 1994

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A serial killer and a former member of the French Foreign Legion Marinko Magda (55) could be released from the Hungarian prison soon, according to unofficial information from the Hungarian media.

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Foto: wikipedia/hupres

Magda was sentenced to life imprisonment by a verdict of a Hungarian court in 1995, with the possibility of being released earlier. But that does not mean that Magda will really be able to enjoy freedom but that he will be extradited to Serbia in which he was sentenced to 40 years for the murders for which he got the nickname the Serbian Jack the Ripper

This executioner from the north of Backa started his bloody rampage with his death squadron in January 1994, and all crimes were committed out of self-interest. There were children among the victims, and Magda said that "wherever he was, the children stayed". The exact number of victims was never determined, but according to the media, there were 14 of them.


In January 1994, he and his accomplices killed five people in Subotica one night. The massacre then began with the cruel assassination of the three-member family Petric - Milan, Stana and their ten-year-old son Dane, and ended with the murder of the couple Josip and Verica Agatic at Palic.

After four months of work, the police found that Magda, alone or in the group, killed the old woman Ida Feher in the vicinity of Subotica. Soon he smeared his hands with blood in Hungary, where on January 13, 1994, he killed a four-member family of Balint - a local gourmet (42), his wife, aged 42, and their sons aged 10 and 16.

Foto: wikipedia/hupres

He used the same weapon to kill married couple Antal and Rozalija Horvat in Kecskemet in Hungary, and in the same place killed a Croatian citizen, Dragutin Kujundzic, on December 20, 1993. He is also charged with the death of Edita Oroshaza in Hungary.

He was arrested in his apartment in Hungary in 1994. In Serbia, he and 11 other defendants were tried in absentia. He was sentenced to death, and when it was abolished, the sentence was changed to 40 years in prison. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in Budapest at the end of 1995. 

One of the cruelest killers from these areas served the sentence in the most secure prison in Hungary, in Satoraljaujhely, on the border with Ukraine.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

A few years ago, he submitted a request to the Hungarian authorities to be extradited it to Serbia, on the grounds that he was ready to testify in court and "for the truth to be revealed". 

Zoltan Bataj, the media secretary of the Appellate Court in Szeged told the local portal that he was not sure he would release Magda from the prison in Szeged. His sentence in Hungary expires in 2019, and he received another 200 days for the attack on the guards and will be released in early 2020.

VIDEO: There is no escape from this Serbian prison 


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