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There is a movie chase for Albanian who escaped the prison in Prokuplje: One phone call took him to freedom


The prisoner left to a hospital and he was accompanied by guards

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The prisoner M.P. (29), Albanian from Podujevo, who has been serving his sentence in County prison in Podujevo, has escaped the Clinical Center Nis. The search is still on the way.

What happened today?! The murderers of Slavko Curuvija didn't get the maximum sentences, and one key question remains unanswered

As we exclusively found out, he escaped this morning around 10 while leaving the Clinical Hospital Center Nis, where he was taken for medical inspection due to the surgery he has had last year. 

He had handcuffs on his hands and he managed to get away. The police are alarmed and they are searching for him.

The prisoner's hands were cuffed, and two commanders were guarding him. The safety procedure was in order which applies to detainees deprived of their liberty.

The commanders were holding M.P. and at the moment when one of them opened the door to put the prisoner in the vehicle, M.P. freed himself from the grasp of the other officer and he started running over the busy road toward the residential suburb. 

Officers immediately started searching for the prisoner and the members of the Police Nis joined them. The wanted warrant has been issued - we found out exclusively from the Administration for the enforcement of criminal sanctions.

Unofficially, it is an Albanian from Podujevo, the multiple time offender who was allowed to use the telephone from custody, so there is a presumption that he has agreed with someone to escape and that someone was waiting for him, because using the telephone is not allowed in prison unless you receive the permission from the court.

This Albanian was taken for the inspection for more than 20 times so far, and he has been in custody since March 2018.

(Telegraf.co.uk / j.stakic@telegraf.rs / D.K.)

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