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A complete list of the greatest sharks of the Serbian underground who were arrested today in the great police action (PHOTO)


10 people were detained for 48 hours and they will be questioned at the prosecutor

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In a major police crackdown on crime in Serbia, several people have been arrested tonight, some of whom are known for their most cruel deeds: murders, drug trafficking, extortion, political killings and closeness to the once-strongest leaders of the Serbian underworld.

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Nebojsa Stojkovic Stojka (51), leader of the Rakovica clan

Stojke is known as the leader of the notorious "Rakovica group" known for brutality in conflicts with opponents. Next to him were Predrag Vuisic, Nenad Peric, Sinisa Plavsic, Dragan Savovic, and Goran Pavlovic.

Foto: Printskrin

The liquidation of Veselin Vesko Bozovic testifies to the cruelty of the clan, and the group of Nebojsa Stojkovic was charged for it. It is known that the murder took place in Trgovacka street in Zarkovo, 200 meters from the "Jugopetrol" gas station, towards the city. Bozovic was in a jeep, his personal security followed him in "Opel Vectra", with a BMW following them with his wife and an underage child.

The killers were in an "Audi", which used the moment when Bozovic stoped on the traffic light. However, it is even less known that the security noticed the "Audi" and they blocked its way.

Foto: Telegraf

Although he was not arrested for cocaine trafficking from South America, the operational knowledge indicates that Stojkovic has been in close connection with people close to Luka Bojovic. An assassination attempt was tried in 2017 when an unknown attacked wounded him in Barcelona.

Zvonko Mateovic, bodyguard of Zeljko Raznatovic

Zvonko Mateovic is publicly known as the bodyguard of the killed president of the Serbian Unity Party Zeljko Raznatovic Arakan. During the assassination of Raznatovic at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade in 2000, he was injured by Dobrosav Gavric, who was subsequently sentenced to 30 years in prison as the perpetrator of the murder, but he is not available to the judicial authorities of Serbia.

Foto: Interpol

At the beginning of 2004 in Sremska street, in the center of Belgrade, in the cafe Wizard, Zvonko's brother, Dalibor, was killed. The killer approached and took a shot in the head from the immediate vicinity. Dalibor was sitting with his brother just a few minutes before that. It is interesting that a word on the street was that the killer accidentally replaced the brother and the lethal shot was intended for Zvonko. He later stated that he has received death threats for years because he was a witness of Arkan's murder.

Vladimir Jovanovic Japanese, last profession - writer

Vladimir Jovanovic, in the nineties known as Satan, is known as Japanese today. It is stated in the media that he has been known in the police for various criminal acts: extortion, threats, kidnapping and causing general danger.

At the trials, he stated that he was a writer by profession and that he writes books.

Foto: MUP Srbije, Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

The white book of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (from 2001) lists him as a member of Zemun clan.

Ljubisa Lindo Combe (48), extensive police file 

Ljubisa Lindo Combe, a man known to the authorities as one of the main dealers of drugs in Belgrade. In the famous book "Criminal groups and individuals engaged in organized crime", which was made by the Ministry of Internal affairs for its own needs, Combe received a special chapter.

Foto: Privatni album

- He is engaged in trading of drugs which he mostly gets in Turkey and Bulgaria, and he organizes the transport to Belgrade", written in the book. "He was arrested several times with large amounts of heroin and cocaine, but he escaped responsibility. He avoids criminal responsibility by exerting pressure on witnesses and finding drug users who take responsibility on themselves", written with the notice that Compe is "prone to abusive behavior and the use of firearms". At the end of last year, a search warrant was issued for Combe.

Miljan Vukovic, leader of bikers and Arkan's godfather 

He leads the notorious biker group "Hells Angels" in Belgrade. The son of Vuk Vukovic, former owner of the casino "London" and the godfather of Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan. Vukovic is in charge of the safety of the club in "Angels" and he is next to be the president of the organization. This function is currently held by Dragoljub Lapadatovic (58), a Serbian doctor who lives in Sweden, but practically since the founding, Vukovic heads the club.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Hadzi Zoran Jovanovic (57), a convicted drug dealer

Hadzi Zoran Jovanovic (57) is a convicted drug dealer and one of the people who are on the Police radar. His personal driver was an honorary member of the Police syndicate of Serbia.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Hadzi Zoran Jovanovic is well known to both Serbian and European prosecuting authorities. He was sentenced in Belgium in 2008 to five years in prison when attempting to smuggle 203 kilograms of cocaine through the Port of Antwerp. Jovanovic was then caught with his associates when they took over from the ship "Anjelo" a cargo and ten bags with cocaine worth more than 10 million euros.

Vladimir Karan, 49, was injured in a car bomb explosion

He was seriously injured in an explosion of a bomb placed under his BMW X5 jeep on Banovo Brdo in 2015. He is known for his unauthorized drug trafficking, but also for other serious crimes.

Foto: Twitter/@vlasterx

- He has a serious file. He is known for crimes related to narcotics, robberies, violent behavior ... - says our interlocutor.

He suffered from a fracture of a thigh bone and he suffered from burns all over his body.

Foto: Twitter/@vlasterx

Veselin Vukotic (60), the last story of the murdered journalist Dada Vujasinovic

He was linked to four murders, twice convicted in absentia, currently in house detention.

Veselin Vesko Vukotic, is charged with the murder of Enver Hadri, a Kosovo activist, who was killed at a traffic light in Brussels in 1990. He allegedly had documents on his person linking the political top of Serbia with the killing of Kosovo Albanians.

Foto: Profimedia

In absentia, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Dusko Boskovic, a seafarer at the "Fles" coffee shop in Prcanj near Kotor. And after that, little has been known about him for almost 10 years until he was arrested at the Madrid airport with a false Croatian passport at the beginning of 2006, whose registration number is only one larger than the passport used by Croatian General Ante during the escape from the Hague Tribunal.

Foto: dadavujasinovic.com

He was transferred to Belgium for the investigation of the murder of Hadri, but due to lack of evidence at the end of 2008, he was extradited to Serbia to serve his sentence of 20 years in prison which was issued by the Montenegrin court for the murder of the sailor. After several legal complications, Vukotic was magically released, then arrested again and released again.

He is also known for the fact that he was the topic of the last article of the journalist of "Duga", Dada Vujasinovic, who was murdered on April 8th, 1994. Her death is still unclear.

(Telegraf.co.uk / I. Corbic)

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