The defender of the accused in the Zakynthos case: Serbian boys won't go to a lifetime in prison, even if it is proven that they committed aggravated murder!

- Serbian young men were charged with aggravated murder from the start and they are threatened with a lifetime in prison, but that is nothing scandalous - the lawyer said

According to the Belgrade media, the articles which stated that Serbs who were charged with murder on Zakynthos are looking at the life in prison, disturbed many people, and they think that our boys don't deserve that kind of punishment, and also, the fact that they are threatened with that punishment, doesn't mean that anything has changed for the worse in the case. They have been threatened from the start of the aggravated murder in that country and it still the same - the lawyer of Dusan Rankovic and Milos Ilic said, Zora Dobricanin Nikodinovic.

Greeks want lifetime sentence for seven Serbs on Zakynthos: The investigation showed that Henderson was killed in just 11 seconds

- Serbian young men were charged with aggravated murder from the start and they are threatened with a lifetime in prison, but that is nothing scandalous. Both of my clients are younger adults and they are not looking for a life in prison, even if the case is proven against them, but I have good indications that it won't happen. My defense will still go into that direction - Dobricanin Nikodinovic reveals.

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According to the media, and according to the decision of the council for violations of Zakynthos, that sentence is asked in 55 pages of the indictment for 9 participants in this criminal act, and six of the actors, Serbian young men, will be trialed for "felony manslaughter in a calm mental state"

One of them will be trialed for "direct complicity in the manslaughter" and the other two for the "attempted murder".

There is a demand of the local public to extend the custody of the accused with the statement that it is "one of the most brutal murders seen among the youth".

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The investigation showed that one of the actors had brass knuckles on his hand and that the young man lost his life right away, more precisely, 11 seconds since he was hit in the head, and the indictment says that even though the young man was unconscious, they continued to hit him with the same power.

"... two more kicks in the head inflicted by the ninth accused, and at the end, the tenth accused, who wasn't identified yet, inflicts two hits to the head. The investigation showed that it is a young man around 20 with brown hair, 180 cm tall, in a white shirt and jeans. The video shows that he was the last one who hit already dead Bakari. All in all, more than 20 hits to the head", the indictment states.

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One of the participants in the criminal act was never identified.

According to the conclusion of the judges on Zakynthos, "the young American was attacked with the intention to kill him".

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