5,000 SLEEPERS on the border with Serbia are waiting for the signal to go march: Jihadists are making their own state on Balkans!

"64 settlements have risen on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, isolated from everything, and they live "as ISIS commands it", even though there are official data that there are over 5.000 "sleepers" in the region, and around 40.000 people live in those settlements and they can be indirectly connected to extremists"

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The number of potential terrorists in our region is growing day by day, but at the moment they are hiding behind a dozen extremist organizations, seven of which are on the black list of the United Nations Security Council.

Croatia is threatened with terrorist attacks, but the other country is the goal of Jihadists!

This information is conveyed for "Novosti" by the representatives of the security services that operate throughout the country, pointing out that, 64 settlements have risen on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), isolated from everything, and they live "as ISIS commands it", according to their estimates, the threats being issued should be taken very seriously.

- Even though there are official data that there are over 5.000 "sleepers" in the region, and around 40.000 people live in those settlements and they can be indirectly connected to extremists. We have a lot of people who returned from Syrian battlefront, six prisoners from "Guantanamo", who are in BiH on "resocialization". Area of Nisic Plato to Ilidze in Sarajevo is especially dangerous, that is the seat of those who find ISIS a sacred - confirmed from the security services from the across Drina River.

Foto: Wikipedia Rade Nagraisalović/PANONIAN, Profimedia/Abaca Foto: Wikipedia Rade Nagraisalović/PANONIAN, Profimedia/Abaca

According to analyst Dzevad Galijasevic, the major problem is the foundation behind which fanatics hide, but also the media and portals that support them. For them, he said, "the ideal is the border with Serbia and Montenegro, which are covered by the border crossings, but not many hills."

- That is why the covering of the complete border of BiH with Montenegro and Serbia is absolute need, to prevent Allah fighters from advancing their bloody paths - warns Galijasevic.

- Rare are those who would go over the crossing like recently arrested Enes Mesic. They need only ID to cross the border. Mesic was connected with Alma Djurisic, who is one of the mailmen of ISIS, born in Serbia - he said.

Pritnsrkin: Twitter/@Nxvxskxt Pritnsrkin: Twitter/@Nxvxskxt

We should not ignore the fact that a few days ago a spokesman for ISIS, through a special decree, called for incitement of terrorist acts under the excuse that "victims should offered in honor of Ramadan".

- One doesn't have to be very smart to see who are those victims and in what countries. They have very strong nests in BiH, logistics and bases they are using to the fullest. There are a lot of "sleepers" that can do all kinds of evil in any moment - considers Galijasevic.

Security experts believe that the fight against Islamists must be literally constant, serious, thorough and dedicated. Trial against seven people accused of taking part in armed actions of the Islamic state of Iran is in progress in Special Court in Belgrade and that is enough proof how serious the danger of Islamic extremism is, as well that they have participated in organizing and financing the departure of Serbian citizens and citizens of other countries in camps for training in Syria, and then on various battlefronts.

The Organized Crime Prosecution charged Abid Podbicanin, Sead Plojovic, Tefik Mujovic, Izudin Crnovrasanin, Ferat Kasumovic, Goran Pavlovic called Abdullah and Rejhana Plojovic.

- Podbicanin and Mujovic in established a connection with ISIS and the Al Nusra Front early 2013, in order to seize power through violence in the Syrian Arab Republic. This was done in order use the base for terrorist attacks against Iraq, the Middle East and North Africa, and South and Central Europe, in order to create a future global Islamic state - Caliphate - according to the indictment, which states that Serbia was also a target.

As stated, for people from Serbia and abroad, who went to Syria to participate in armed conflicts, they organized the reception "to rest, prepare and get the necessary information" in the premises of the Mosque of Furkan in Novi Pazar. The accused Islamic fanatics collected money in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg. The proceedings will be conducted in the absence for Podvbicanin, Pavlovic and Plojovic, because they are fugitives.

For going to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, the State Prosecution, meanwhile, accused the 23 citizen of BiH, Boris Grubesic told "Novosti", spokesman for the institution.

- They were sentenced to a total of 50 years in prison. One of the accused for the crime was acquitted, but the prosecution will file an appeal with the Appellate Court in Sarajevo and look for condemning the punishment - says Grubesic, stating that "a number of new people are under investigation".

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - News Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - News

At least seven very dangerous radical members of ISIS will soon return to Serbia and the Republika Srpska from Syria and Iraq and will try to carry out bloody terrorist attacks!

This is a warning of multiple western intelligence service which was forwarded to the governments in the Western Balkans, reported by "Vecernji List".


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