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Jihadists are secretly treated in Sarajevo hospitals at the expense of Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens: They are brought wounded and tortured, and as soon as they recover, they return to battlefield

They return to Bosnia and Herzegovina, they recover, and again return to the battlefields

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Wounded jihadists, returnees from the Syrian war zone, are treated in health care institutions unhindered in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), at the expense of local people.

5,000 SLEEPERS on the border with Serbia are waiting for the signal to go march: Jihadists are making their own state on Balkans!

Sources close to the security structures in BiH say that about 40 wounded soldiers from the Syrian battlefield were treated in hospitals in Sarajevo, Fojnica, Zenica and Travnik up to now, although they were rarely visited and examined by some BiH researchers.

Security expert Dzaved Galijasevic estimates for Blic that the attitude of security agencies in BiH towards the wounded and returnees from foreign warfare is utterly frivolous and destructive, which is why it has become almost a practice for such persons to carefreely return to care and treatment in some federal health care institutions from the battlefield.

In particular, it is said that the interesting fact is that these wounded people succeed in crossing so many borders and enter without problems in BiH, where they receive medical help.

- All this is done with the knowledge and manipulation of the state. When, for example, SIPA or OBA examined the hospital records of the arrival of the wounded, even though the media had published and had information that there were about a dozen people from the Syrian war zone on treatment at the given moment? No one took any measures, which means that big hospital centers are involved, or the state, with the knowledge of the safety agencies - said Galijasevic.

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Sabratha Municipal Council

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Sabratha Municipal Council

The information that only 17 red warrants have been issued for the 320 fighters is the fact how serious the state approaches this problem. Additionally, the warrants are manipulated by the qualification of the criminal offense.

- We have the latest example of Begzad Spahic, who was arrested in Turkey on suspicion of planning a suicide attack. He is not qualified as a terrorist, but as a person who participated in the illegal trafficking of narcotics. Such legal qualification at border crossings does not mean anything. However, when you qualify someone as a terrorist, then there is a different procedure and attitude to the border crossings towards these people - concludes Galijasevic, and Blic writes .

(Telegraf.co.uk / Blic)

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