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We all feared of this: 300 Jihadists returned to Balkans, one of them is from SERBIA!

It is estimated that around 200 of them died

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Official estimates of the EU and Western Balkan security services show that since the onset of the terrorist group Islamic State, around a 1.000 people left these areas to go to war to the Middle East, and around 300 of them returned. 

"Kosovo developed into a center of ISLAMIC TERRORISM in the region right before KFOR eyes"

It is estimated that around 200 of them died, and the rest are women and children who they brought with them to war on the side of Islamic State.

From 1.000 of them, 7 has Croatian citizenship and they are being monitored by intelligence services. Although they posses Croatian documents, two of them are actually from Bosnia and Herzegovina, one from Serbia, two from Austria, and two more from Switzerland. 

Foto-ilustarcija: Profimedia/Alamy

They got the Croatian citizenship from their parents who moved to Western countries.

However, besides official information, other cases are also known, 3-4 young Croat women joined Jihadists in Syria and Iraq. They turned to Islam prior to leaving.

Before leaving to Syria and Iraq, some of them lived in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina in the isolated village Gornja Maoca, where radical Muslims are operating.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Srna)

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