Uros (18) from Belgrade is going to Gymnasium and he will make every household happy with his invention, and he will send one profession to history (VIDEO)

Uros Filipovic, the student of the fourth year of the Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium received an award from the World Intellectual Property Organization today for his invention

There are more and more facts which show that robots will replace many professions, and artificial intelligence, which could leave masseurs out of work. Why?

Americans gave recognition to the Serbian students on CNN: Your children are the smartest in the world, they dominate wherever they show up

Gymnasium student from Belgrade - Uros Filipovic (18), the student of the fourth year of the Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium, made a robotic arm that massages the back and he received the award for his invention from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Uros' robotic arm should save millions of people who suffer from back pain, which was his intention.

Prinstkrin: Youtube/ Uros Filipovic

Uros, who has been a member of the Center for Talents of Belgrade, reveals for Telegraf.rs that his mom and dad gave him the idea for this project, who constantly complained about the back pain due to the nature of their work. 

That is my creation from the last year. Each year we do projects in the Center for talents and I remembered last year that I could make a machine that solves one widely spread problem - back pain after many hours of work. My dad has that problem, every day when he comes back from work he complains that he has back pain. Mom as well, and they were my encouragement, so I wanted to build a robot which works, although it is not a completed machine - Uros said to our portal.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

The machine was made to be easy to use, he said. He thought about everything doing the making of it. He had to have knowledge of informatics, mathematics, physics, and medicine.

- Back pain is generally caused by spasms, ie muscle cramps on the back. It deposits milk acid and many other harmful substances, and the system is trying to increase the blood flow in that part of the body to clear those harmful things out. Since that part has a higher temperature than the rest of the body, I can detect spasm with a thermal camera. The camera, namely, emits infrared radiation that reflects from the back and comes in resolution 480x630 and I receive a photo that is the exact position of the spasms that cause pain. When I know where they are according to the position, I enter coordinates through algorithms I created, I transfer them to 3D, or to the real world, and the hand can be placed on the painful place to treat the problem. After few messages, the pain disappears - this young genius claims.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The doctors said that it is important to care not to damage some nerve during massages and Uros said that it can't happen. Nothing is left to chance.

- I have created the system which, actually, measures what is the amount of pressure on the back. I have implemented the module which measures the weight. Namely, the weight of the force is the same as the weight, actually, it is all transferred to mass and we get the data what is the pressure that a certain module can endure.

The robotic arm is relatively finished but Uros needs more time and people to complete it regarding design and other things.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

This boy is a talent, he needs many frames for all of his diplomas, and he plans on enlisting to Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF) in Belgrade, and unlike most of this peers who plan on going abroad, at least when they finish their college, he doesn't plan on participating in the outflow of brains. 

Foto: Telegraf

- In general, I would like to stay here. Simply, wherever you go in the world you will always be a foreigner. As much time you spend somewhere, you are still a foreigner. It is totally different here. I have my own friends, my family is here, so, I would like to stay, but of course, everything depends on the situation... If the knowledge I want can't be offered here, I would go to abroad, but I would return after it. I could perhaps make a company... - he claims.

He will miss center for talents although he will continue to do everything that was at the same time his hobby, school, work, and love...

Foto: Telegraf.rs

- Of course, I would like to continue in this area, to learn a lot more mathematics, physics, and programming. The project of the robotic arm is medics, mathematics, and informatics at the same time. My friends are doing the same thing as I am. We are a family in the center for talents, we are together all the time. The director of the center, Nikola, takes care of us, with the mentors. I am using this opportunity to thank everybody, especially my mentor Mateja Opacic for help during all of these years, and then the STARTIT center...

Watch how the Uros' robotic arm works: 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Lj. Racic / lj.racic@telegraf.co.uk)

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