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Serbia needs people like this: Marko plays piano, violin, guitar, and now he won in Computer music on international competition!

It may look to some that i have too many obligations, but everything is manageable with good organization

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Marko plays piano, guitar, and he now won in the category for "computer music" on international competition. At the prestigious competition called "Neumann" which was held in Hungary this year, where they gather the most talented students from Slovakia, Transylvania, Hungary and Serbia, the highest award went to the hands of talented Kikinda students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the field of information technology at all levels -web design, computer games, animation and graphic design.

It started with the game on the Internet, and Nemanja's magical images now have fans all over the world (PHOTO)

Students of Kikinda high school "Dusan Vasiljev" who competed in several categories, won the sympathy of the audience, but also the jury who declared the composition of Marko Ludaic "the Storm", in the category of "computer music", as the winner

Marko, who is an excellent student of the third grade in high school, said he was surprised with the first prize, given that it is a prestigious international competition.

- Professor of Computer Science, Snezana Zamurovic told me about the international competition "Neumann", showed me a paper with several categories in which it is possible to take part. Among them there was a category of computer music. I decided to compose on the computer. I started with a melody and decided that the main instrument is the flute accompanied by piano. It is classical music, work composed in G minor. I believe that any composition of any genre needs to tell the story to the audience - said Marko.

Marko explains that he named the composition "Storm", which presents the metaphor for war.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

- It is divided into four sections. The flute represents the atmosphere during each war and the emotions of the nation that is attacked, while the piano is characterized by the army. The second part is the most dramatic with a sudden change of rhythm, while the third part is joyful and this is the part where people start to run and gives birth to hope and the possibility of salvation from enemies - this talented young man explained to us.

In Szekszard, where the finals of the competition "Neumann" were held, Marko says there was a great competition, and that the most dramatic was to overcome stage fright before a jury of ten.

- I'm glad that the hard work paid off in consideringthe fact that I was able to give them the atmosphere that occurs in the composition - Told Marko to Telegraf.

This multi-talented young man plays several instruments, piano, violin and guitar. He successfully completed the elementary music school "Slobodan Malbaski", piano, and now he is in the third year, violin.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

In addition to numerous successes in numerous school and district competitions, Marko says that he plans to enroll in molecular biology after high school.

This worthy and excellent student, in addition to regular school activities, has the time to play sports.

- I train karate for several years and I am a member of the choir "Kornelije Stankovic". It may look to some that i have too many obligations, but everything is manageable with good organization - he added.

In addition to Marko, in the category of computer graphics, Katja Momcilov won second place with her work "depicting scenes from the novel by Danilo Kis - Rani jadi", while Kristian Balaz, with the song "Adventure" won praise.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Andrej Mihajlov also won first place in the category of games called "AMGZD" that was made in the program 'Unity 5 "as a 3D arcade game by mastering the level and moving on to the next. Sara Zamurovic, won third place with her educational site http://saraucimozajedno.weebly.com/ where she presents the ways of solving the mathematics via video.

Mentor of students was a science teacher Mr Snezana Zamurovic. Janos Neumann, was a Hungarian-American mathematician who gave a great contribution to quantum physics, economics, computer science and many other mathematical fields. In his honor, grand final of the competition in computer science is held every year in Hungary that aims to bring together talented children who demonstrate exceptional knowledge in this field.

(Telegraf.co.uk/ Dragana Ivanic)


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