Hackers made Serbs miserable who paid for their vacations over fake Greek websites, this is a way to safely make a reservation for your accommodation (PHOTO)

Guests of two hotels, one on Lefkada and one on Crete, became victims of electronic fraud, and they continued this year as well in different parts of Greece, so there are more tourists that were crossed

You can make a page on social networks in just a few minutes, and you can delete it just the same amount of time. You can never know for sure who is behind an accommodation in Greece, so the social networks became a place for all kind of frauds. Internet scams are nothing new, but we appeal to all tourists who book their accommodations over the internet in Greece - in direct agreement with the owners of the accommodation, to follow the rules safe reservations and to read this text, grckainfoc.com writes.

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Guests of two hotels, one on Lefkada and one on Crete, became victims of electronic fraud, and they continued this year as well in different parts of Greece, so there are more tourists that were crossed

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The business e-mails of these hotels were hacked, and the hackers, after entering into the mail, continued communicating with guests, falsely presenting themselves as managers or hotel owners and they prompted the guests to pay many thousands, or even amounts higher than 1.000 euros.


A guest sends a query or contacts the official website of the hotel or some other type of accommodation, hackers who violently entered the e-mail of the hotel look through the e-mail system, create a new e-mail from a free server which is mostly similar to the mail of the hotel (for example, instead of the original name info@name_hotel.gr they create reservations.name_hotel.gr@outlook.com) and they continue the communication with the guest on behalf of the hotel, they send the payment data for an account located in Italy, Spain, or some other country, and the guest pays the money thinking it is an official account of the hotel. The guest arrives at the hotel thinking that he paid for everything, only to realize that he was tricked.

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Never pay for a vacation in Greece to accounts in banks that are outside Greece or Serbia, a lot of owners of accommodations in Greece accepts Western Union and these problems would never occur with these transactions. However, don't send payments over Western Union if the recipient doesn't have a Greek name or last name, or if the country of the person is not Greece, most of the owners in Greece who are offered over our site ask for 20-50% payment from the guests for reservations.

Never pay for the entire amount upfront if the owner of the accommodation didn't confirm via telephone that he personally sent a mail with the payment information, and always ask for a phone number of the owner before the payment. Numbers in Greece must have a prefix +30.

Foto: Wikipedia/Dani Tic

This is how one of the accounts used for hacking looks like:

IBAN/ACC NO: IT68K0760105138235031235035

If you like some accommodation in Greece and it has a tempting price, never make payment agreements over a Facebook page, Facebook profile or over the site that contains different kinds of adds.

Always check if the accommodation, besides the page or the profile on social networks, has its official website or if it is offered by another portal which can guarantee that the accommodation exists and which will stand up for you if there are some problems and disagreements.

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