Ivona went to Germany to be a mailman and now she has a strong message for everyone about "promised land"

Ivona now hopes that every year that comes will be like the previous one, if not better. Read her story

Ivona Bednjanec
Foto: Facebook/Ivona Bednjanec

Ivona Bednjanec (29) from Slavonski Brod has been living and working in Germany as a mailman, and she is extremely happy with her job.  

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- It wasn't easy, but it wasn't so hard. They told me before i came here that the first year was the hardest!!! I hope that every year will be like this one, if not better. It has been only a year so far, and i want so much! I manage to speak a bit of German, i did not go to any courses, i learned everything on my own. When i perfect the language, i will try to complete some of my dreams... The sky is the limit - said this girl from Brod.

Ivona is by profession an administrative clerk, but she never got a degree because she dropped out of college before he gave final exam.

- I never wanted to be the part of the statistics on the Bureau of Employment!!! I didn't want to work seasonal jobs as Bachelor of Economics, to clean behind others or to serve anyone. I didn't want to sit at home and wait for my dad, uncle, neighbor to fix me with a job. Actually, the only true reason is that i didn't want ti live in Croatia- said Ivona for SBonline.net.

Foto: Facebook/Ivona Bednjanec

Foto: Facebook/Ivona Bednjanec

Ivona is a handball player, and she spent almost 15 years on the field. In February 2015 she took a seasonal job as a waitress  and she worked for eight months. At the same time, she trained and worked. In October she returned home and decided she wanted to play handball again. But after a month in Tuzla she returned because she did not get the agreed amount of money. Then she went to Germany.

Considering that all positions in Post office in Lerah were filled, new work position was waiting for her in Bad Säckingen, 30 kilometers away. She immediately got the post office car to use so she could travel to work.  

- I woke up every morning at 5:30, i would start going at 6:30, my work hours were from 8 AM to 5 PM. After that, i would go back to the village, change my clothes, eat and then travel again to training for half an hour, did the training, travel back and around 22-23 PM i would be dead meat. And almost every day like that, plus the games on weekends. In spite all of that, i was happy, because i came to love my work, i played handball and because i was payed for everything i did and appreciated! - said Ivona.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/robertharding

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/robertharding

- When you rent an apartment you have to have a greater amount of money. It is mostly three rents that you have to give all at once + one upfront; that was the case with me. But that of course is not all... Most of the apartments is not furnished when you rent it, you have to buy everything - from the needle to the locomotive. Seven months later, i am still buying furniture - she said.

The boss rewarded Ivona financially after 10 months of work for being one of the best workers in the area.

My heart was as big as a house... Not because of the euros, but for the papers where it says how much they appreciate my work and thank me for everything i have done!!! I cannot describe to you how wonderful the feeling is when people appreciate you. They appreciate you for what you are doing, and reward you for your efforts speaks the girl, who recently signed a contract for an indefinite period of time.


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