We have for iPhone, but we don't have for dentist: You won't hear stronger words from these today!

- We are working on ourselves and we meditate - while the house is on fire - said Matija

Matija Beckovic said very interesting points, after handing a contribution to the reconstruction of the building to the representatives of the Monastery Milentija, which was collected from the New Year's, traditional poetry night "Evening with Matija".

- Yes, we donated for war orphans, for National kitchens, for... Not to list it now. It seems that there is nothing there. But as soon as something moves, it seems that the desert gets some rain, and it shows its alive. I am talking about our fellow citizens, about people.

It is an illusion that they don't exist, and it is even greater illusion that the need for culture has died. As soon as you throw one spar into darkness - the flash of human eyes blows away darkness - said Beckovic, reports Blic.

Beckovic said that the culture is reserved for smaller number of people in more happier countries.

- It is all little for us, we would like more, and it is a greater wonder that it exist at all, and any discussion about that. It is a miracle that we are still floundering - said Beckovic.

He said about the conditions in our society:

- We entered in some sort of spiritual session. In the wrong moment. We are working on ourselves and we are meditating - while the house is on fire. Its only important to be happy about yourself, and we will be pleased with everything else. Make others think that you are happy - that is the only valid morale. Serbia is doing yoga on the verge of a chasm - said Beckovic.

- We're too late in the process of alienation. We did not comply with the level of alienation trends. We have an iPhone, but we do not have for a dentist. Why should't we be under temptations like everybody else - concluded Matija.


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