"Big heart took him to death": Young man from Novi Sad died on his first job he was looking forward to

- When he got the job, he was so happy because when he finished high school "22nd October" in Zablje, he didn't want to be anyone's burden - said the grieving relative

Branislav Kisić

Foto: Facebook/Branislav Kisić

Nineteen year old man Branislav Nusic from Djurdjevo died two days ago in a fire at the facility of “Enterijer Jankovic” in Novi Sadand to make tragedy worse, it was his first job and he was really looking forward to it!

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– When he got the job, he was so happy because when he finished high school “22nd October” in Zablje, he didn’t want to be anyone’s burden. His great heart took him to death, and life was ahead of him. I really can’t believe he is gone. He was a great guy – said his relative for Srpski Telegraf.

His friend from high school reveals that he was the youngest in the class, because he started the school early.

– He was overjoyed when he got the job – said M.V. and added that they went to Partizan matches together.

To recall, the fire broke out in the boiler room where Branislav was working as a stoker, and two more men were injured on the occasion.

His body was found on the floor and it is assumed that he choked due to smoke.


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