Swastikas appeared on several buildings in Mostar

Along with swastikas, graffiti appeared, "UZM94", "Ultras Mostar 94", "U. Pokret 1994" and "Rasni Atleticari 94"

Mostar, kukasti krstovi

Foto-ilustracija: Wikimedia/Mark Ahsmann,

At several facilities in the North camp, part of Mostar, graffiti appeared during previous nights, including swastikas, reports portal

Vandals in Croatia destroyed Serbian church: Graffiti appeared on a shrine in Sinj, “Ready for homeland” (PHOTO)

As announced by Polices of Mostar-Neretva Canton, graffiti and swastikas appeared at the Central School of Medicine, at the facility RK Veleza, former Teacher Training Colleges and the sports hall M. H. Hujka.

Along with swastikas, graffiti appeared, “UZM94″, “Ultras Mostar 94″, “U. Pokret 1994″ and “Rasni Atleticari 94″.

( / Tanjug)

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    that’s normal croats sign.,nothing new.