FINAL HOURS OF ALBANIAN ULTIMATUM: Drama around Visoki Decani monastery

If there is an escalation, it will not be our responsibility - said the Albanians

Dečani protest

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić/Edib Tahirović

Historian Alliance of Kosovo “Ali Hadri, A branch in Decani, sent an ultimatum to the Government of Kosovo, to resolve the property dispute between citizens, businesses and municipality Decani today till 16:00 with the monastery Visoki Decani, regarding ownership of the companies “Apiko” and “Iliria” or they will start with road block which leads to the Monastery, reports Anadolija. The fact that head of the local government are people close to the Haradinaj brothers assures that this threat is not innocent at all.

What REALLY lies behind the intention of Albanians to set Balkans on FIRE, and it is not annexation of Kosovo to Albania

Skodran Imeraj from the Association of Historians of Kosovo told Anatolija that Kosovo Government was given a deadline of two weeks to withdraw the decision of Kosovo Privatization agency on liquidation of assets of the companies “Apiko” and “Ilira” and to proclaim the assets of two companies via special decision to be national.

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

- We oppose any attempt to assign any assets to the property of the monastery Visoki Decani, because it is known that the property was donated by the decision from a period of violent measures, the time of Slobodan Milosevic, and that is unacceptable - he said.

Imeraj announced that the management of branch of Alliance of historians on Kosovo in Decani will hold a meeting tonight at 18:00 where they will reach the decision when will they start blocking the road toward the monastery Visoki Decani. 

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

The statement of Association of Historians 10 days ago, besides ultimatum, threatens with escalation of security situation in Decani. 

- If there is an escalation, it will not be our responsibility - said the Albanians.

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

“Apiko” and “Ilirija” are two former social enterprises, built on the monastery grounds during communist rule. Decision of the government of the former Yugoslavia, part of the property of 24 hectares, including the two companies, have been returned to the monastery.

At the beginning of communism rule, 700 hectares of land were taken away in 1946 from the monastery Visoki Decani. The political party of Ramush Haradinaj is in power in Decani municipality. 

Last year, when Kosovo court came to a decision to return the land to the monastery Visoki Decani, Albanians held mass protests, and this decision was especially hard on the major of Decani, Rasim Seljmanaj, who said that this decision is “unjustified and politically motivated”. 

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

European Union Office in Kosovo condemned all actions that would block access to, or otherwise disturb life in the monastery of Visoki Decani.

The office expressed concern about continuous lack if implementation of decision of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, adopted on 20 May 2016 about the disputed land. The representatives of the EU point out that the “decision of the highest legal authority of Kosovo are final and they must be implemented” and they call upon Kosovo government at all levels to implement the decision of the Constitutional Court without delay.

Monastery Visoki Decani is guarded by KFOR soldiers.  


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